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my husband has a lot of kidney issues and has been told to limit his sodium to 1200-1500 mg per day. I am finding it almost impossible to do that with dinner/lunch entrees. He eats lots of fresh fruit and vegetables but what can I make as the main dish for his meals? I know it's best to broil or steam the meats/fish but that only works for 3-4 meals per week and then I am at a loss. His go to lunches were soups (big no-no now) and sandwiches (very few are low in sodium...no deli meat, p.butter, cheese etc) For dinner I can't use soups, pasta, sauces, tomato based items or tv dinners. HELP!


You can make soup. Just buy low sodium broth or tomato juice. Add you own vegetables, cooked meat, pasta, rice, etc. You'll need to add extra herbs for seasoning because of the lack of salt.

You can make a pot roast with carrots, potatoes and whatever other vegeteables you want. Use plenty of sliced onions for flavor and a little wine or low sodium broth. I don't see why he couldn't have pasta. I just checked what I have in my cupboard. One serving has only 10 mg of sodium.

They do make low sodium soups. I don't buy them so don't know exactly how low they are.

I'm pretty sure you can buy unsalted peanut and other nut butters. But if you can't in your area, they are easy to make at home. Or some stores have a grinder to make your own.

Here's a list of low sodium dairy products:

Low Salt Products - Dairy & Non-Dairy Alternatives

Actually that is just the dairy page. The website itself is a wealth of information.

I went on the DASH diet for a while which is low sodium. Didn't help me and I didn't care for the food but if you've got no choice, you've got no choice!

I didn't really have to change my diet in and of itself too terribly much. I generally don't use salt at the table but I will put it on fries, baked potatoes, salad (but not always) and popcorn. But I can eat plain popcorn if I have to. That's good too. For me the main issue was diet soda. Love the stuff! Did have to limit that but there is even sodium free diet soda. Remember, the diet is not no sodium. Eating a truly no sodium diet is dangerous and can cause heart problems. The body does need sodium! You just mainly want to cut back on the pre-made/processed stuff that is normally high in sodium. Look for low sodium alternatives. Looks to me like there is some cheese that would work. I didn't look at the bread page but if you can't find low salt bread, you can get salt free crackers. You can cook your own chicken, turkey or beef for sandwiches or if you can't find suitable bread, put the meat on a salad. I can't give too many specifics on that because I don't cook a lot of meat.

My husband's family eats egg and pepper almost every day for lunch. Simply scrambled eggs with a little garlic and some peppers added. They use Italianelle/Cubanelle/Frying peppers. Similar to a bell but pointier and thinner fleshed. If you can't find those, you can use bell. You can also add a little hot peppers. You can add onion to this too. They eat it with a piece of bread but you can eat it as is.

You might also check health food type stores. They typically do sell low sodium items and may even have some that are frozen meals.

Did the Dr. say anything about potassium or phosphorus? I remember watching a cooking show and a man called in explaining how he made mashed potatoes for kidney patients. He said that the potatoes were high in potassium so needed to be rinsed many times after cooking to take some of that out. Then he added some kind of cheese for flavor. I think he said Cheese Whiz which probably isn't low in sodium but I never buy it so don't know for sure.

My old cat had kidney failure and was put on a low phosporous diet. And phosphorus is pretty high in meat and other protein containing foods. So she was put on a kidney diet. But she didn't like the food.


Happy Birthday Cathy!!
thanks so much for your input Julie...some great ideas! He was taking potassium but they stopped that for now. There's so much information out there and it's hard to take it all in. He was already following a cardiac and diabetic diet and I'd incorporated those restrictions into our diet so I guess I'll be able to do the low sodium thing. I appreciate your help...