Looking for Jerky Recipes



We just purchased a dehydrator and I am looking for recipes to make beef jerky.

Any kind would be great! Thanks!!


:wavehi: Mmmmm!! I wub jerky!!

After trial & error....here's the recipe I came up with.
Shhh....don't tell ANY of my friends....lol!

It's my very own lil secret!!

It's delish! I've used it for beef and venicin....tastes the same with either meat!



Per 2lbs. meat :


1/2c. Worchestershire Sauce
1/2c. Soy Sauce
1/4c. Liquid Smoke
1 1/4t. Salt
1/2t. Pepper
1/8t. Garlic (liq., salt or powdered)
2T Ketchup
2T Brown Sugar

:smile: DIRECTIONS :

1. Marinate meat in in sauce for 4-6hrs. (in fridge - covered).

2. Drain meat; Pat dry :
(I use clean, dry kitchen towels...lay the strips of meat on the one, then lay the 2nd towel overtop the 1st towel layered with the meat strips; and press....so the meat strips are "sammiched" between the towels and the towels absorb the extra fluid/juices as I press)

3. Dehydrate 3-4hrs.....

:smile: WARNING :

Don't be alarmed when your mouth starts watering as you prepare the sauce and marinate the meat....and especially as the meat dehydrates!
And don't be surprised when the hubby & kids start asking after 30mins :
"Is it done yet?"
It's a natural response....

:hysterical: lololololol

Enjoy & Happy New Year!!

Huggzz ~


Thank you so much! What kind (cut) of beef do you use?


I just soak them for 1-2 days in my favorite marinades. I like to mix 1 bottle BBQ sauce with 1 bottle Teriyaki sauce.


Like Julie, I've also used London Broil...
But I've also gotten rump roasts when on sale...
Sliced about one eighth of an inch thick to one half of an inch.
(the meat shrinks a bit as it dehydrates)

I've also used cube steak.....cuz that's hubby's fav.
(He prefers a more tender jerky...as opposed to a chewy tough)
It's a bit sloppy...and hard to handle after marinating...cuz it wants to fall apart...
But, it dehydrates well and isn't as rough/tough as the other beef cuts.

If you are new to dehydrating meats... I think it's important to mention that, the longer you dehydrate - the tougher the meat becomes.
So, test pieces after a couple of hours and take the pieces out that are at your desired/preferred tenderness/toughness.

....and oh boy!!
NOW....you've got me in the mood to make some jerky! lol
I have a New Years Eve party planned....and hubby is out of town until Weds...
So, maybe I will make some jerky to surprise & delight my hubby & guests!

We had a 708 lb. cow butchered - so we have plenty of meat in my three freezers!!
And I have a stockpile of Soy sauce & Worchestershire sauce...
And I just got 2 bags of brown sugar to make oatmeal cake with peanut butter frosting...
..have ketchup, salt & pepper...and always have garlic! lol
So, all I need to get is the Liquid Smoke.....
And THAT is a key ingredient.....OMG....smells & tastes delish!!

Mmmmm!! Good luck!! Enjoy!!

Huggzz ~