Looking for ideas?



I am not a friend of cooking. If it takes me longer than 1 hour to prepare and cook, its not happening in my house. But the problem I am running into is that I am so burnt out on the same foods. I mean how many times can one family eat tacos and spaghetti in a month?

Does anyone have any tried and true recipes that are easy and doesnt require massive amounts of ingredients?

Any websites you ladies use more than others?

Any ideas would greatly appreciated!!


I go to Allrecipes quite often, they have loads of great recipes! There is also a feature where you can type in the ingredients you have on hand and it will pull up recipes that you can make...very handy in using stockpile items! Otherwise, some of our family favorites are...

Shepherd's Pie
Stir Fry
Pizza Casserole
Bubble Pizza
Tuna 'n' Noodles Casserole
Breakfast for supper (pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc.)
Crockpot Meals (pot roast, homemade soup, etc. SOOOO easy!!)
Grilled Cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
Bean Bake (it's a casserole type dish and oh so yummy!)
Hot ham 'n' cheese sandwiches

There's more, this is just all I can think of off the top of my head. If you want any recipes for any of the above mentioned dishes, let me know I'll be happy to share them with you!!


kraftkitchens.com is one of my favorites especially now that I coupon. They give you recipes that incorporate things we often stockpile (like Mac n Cheese or boxed potato mixes). Their recipes are always quick, simple, and rated so you know which ones are the best.


I'm a huge fan of the crockpot :biggrin: It does all the work for me and I don't have to stand around a stove.

But there are so many quick recipes online for just about anything you can imagine.

Google "quick dinner recipes" and when you find a few that sound good, print them out, try them, field the family response and save them in a binder if they make the "win" column :giggle2:

I have two such binders I've built over the years, the first time I make it I ask if they like it and adjust it if needed to suit their tastes and file it for future use again.

I too don't like taking a long time to prepare meals - has never been my dream to spend my days cooking :hysterical:

Love the internet, if I buy something on sale, I go to it looking for a way to use it quickly, deliciously and make the most out of the sale item(s).


Thanks all!! I will have to check those sites out. I googled last night, and boy o boy was I overwhelmed. Lots of sites for recipes.


the best cookbook on the planet is the "i hate to cook" cookbook, by peg bracken, from the 1960's- so you'll only be able to get it used but it ROX!!!

simple, practical, ez, cheep recipes, involving minimal time, ingredients, etc.

AND! she's freakin' hilarious! this is a cookbook you can actually sit down & read like a book, or use as a cookbook, purely dandy!