Looking for fried rice recipe



:Wave2: I am looking for a recipe for fried rice (like at the Japanese hibachi grill restaurants).

Anyone who can help me out by posting a recipe here would be greatly appreciated!

:thanks100: for helping me out!


For me, it was one of those things that I had to play around with to perfect. I just bought an electric wok (I have an electric stove that barely gets as hot as a candle) and Ive been working on a recipe. I tend to just throw leftovers in there.

I did take a cooking class at the Viking kitchen and their secret was xu xiong (no idea if thats spelled right) wine.


This is what I do:
Scramble some eggs and set aside. Cut bacon into tiny bits and fry. Do not drain the grease. Now add cooked rice, cooked veggies, cooked meat bits, and anything else you want or have leftover in the fridge and cook until hot. Season to taste with soy sauce (I like the low sodium kind because you can add more without making it too salty). Add the eggs right before serving.

I make it even easier by saving bacon grease in the fridge, so I don't have to fry up bacon. You can do it with some other kind of fat, or even leave out the fat, but it won't taste nearly as good. If you use brown rice and lots of veggies it is really good for you even with some bacon fat.