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General Search Sites (mystery shopping company listings, market rep listings)

Woman's Day magazine had an article on How To Make Money At Home. Top pick on many boards is Alpine Access. Their agents can earn up to $20 an hour with bonuses and incentives, benefits and a matching 401K plan. Alpine Access hires customer service professionals to handle customer calls. This company is different than other virtual call centers in that they actually hire staff as company employees, and not as independent contractors. They offer hourly pay regardless of how many calls are taken during a shift, medical insurance, 401(k) matching…basically the best of both worlds.

They just won an award for best small company from Dallas Business Journal.

Company/Target Area

General Complete simple tasks that people do better than computers. And, get paid for it.

Admission Consultants

Arise - (sales and customer service reps)

Cherry Lane Print - (guitar transcribers, piano arrangers)

Blue Zebra - (appointment setting)

Entertainment Careers - Entertainment jobs and internships

Face the World - (community Rep, student exchange)

Opuzz - (voice talent)

Disciple's Cross - (craft assembly, kit purchase required, reputable company)

New England Crafters - (craft assembly, kit purchase required, reputable company)

Driver Guide - (updating database of device drivers)

Recruit Zone - (athletic recruiters)

National Telecommuting Institute—Work-at-Home online jobs for Americans with Disabilities. Current job openings,

these are usually all home based.

PartnerCentric Internet Marketing

Rebirth BioScience - (biotechnology related)

WebTracer - (skip tracers) - (live search guide)

This is the Virtual Reality Bank

Become an online guide for Go to ;

A nurse on call, check out; Telemarketer-check out;;;

Work at home positions with Aetna Aetna is one of those forward-thinking companies, realizing the value to both parties when employees are offered telecommuting positions. Currently, about 11% of their total staff are employed from home full-time, and another 60%-80% have the tools necessary to work from home, at least part-time.


Background Profiles - (court records research)

Accurate Background - (court records research) Mechanical Turks - (complete tasks that people do better than computers)

Castle Branch - (court records research)

Blake and Blake Genealogists - (researchers)

EBI, Inc. - (background researchers)

National Search & Discovery - (researchers)

National Search & Discovery - (researchers)

Paid Blogging

Blogitive (paid blogging)

BOTW Media - (paid blogging)

Weblogs, Inc. - (paid blogging)

Mock Jurors - (mock jurors)

Jury Insights - (mock jurors)

Jury Voice - (mock jurors

Jury Test - (mock jurors)

Online Verdict - (mock jurors)

Trial Juries - (mock jurors)

Trial Practices, Inc. - (mock jurors)

Zap Jury - (mock jurors) - (mock jurors)

Legal Focus Panelist check out

Court Related Research

Information Technologies, Inc. - (court abstractors) - (courthouse Researchers)

Sunlark Research - (court records research)


Brandon Hall - (analysts, writers, researchers)

EduWriters - (writers & editors for student papers)

Creative Freelancers - (get paid to write short tips)

Product Testing/Surveys/Feedback

Good Housekeeping Product Testers - (free samples only, no $ - US only)

Google Survey - (get paid $75/hour by Google to take a survey)

Heinz Advisor - (product tester, samples, not $)

Just Answer - (answering questions)

Know Brainers - (answering questions)

Microsoft Research Panel - (product feedback)

VOCOnline - (product evaluators, samples, not $)

Clinical Trials

Center Watch - (clinical trials, be a paid human guinea pig)

Clinical Connection - (clinical trials, be a paid human guinea pig)


Great American Fundraising

Insurance Agent Services; active trading, investing and research in the global equity, debt, currency and commodity markets.

Sales - (In the "Search By Industry" drop-down menu field, select "Work From Home") - (sales positions)


RapidText - (captioning)

Do you speak another language? This place hires translators.

Virtual Office

Also check out;;;

VIPdesk - (concierge services)

Phone Calls--Inbound/Outbound

Live Ops--When it comes to your call center operations, there is no time like today to make the right call—a call to LiveOps I know someone working for them, and she makes between $16 to 20 dollars an hour, (Dawn H. TX) Making phone calls from your home for donations for Purple Heart calling to get people to participate in telephone surveys-paid per interview completed. Home based sales and customer service agents

Home based call center job after completing training on site in North Carolina-must live in North Carolina

Home based job for American Express Travel dept but must reside in the Dallas area Same job for American Express as above but must reside in the Memphis area Same job for American Express as above but must reside in the Nashville area Same job for American Express as above but must reside in the Austin, TX area

RepsForRent is an American Call Center providing professional telemarketing services.

West at Home is an award-winning service from West Corporation, the nation's leading provider of outsourced communication solutions. Also provide training, certification to receive work for at home assignments at Working Solutions™ utilizes highly educated and trained professionals who have great communication and multi-lingual skills. Our Agents OnDemand™ have knowledge of specific products and industries allowing them to ramp up quickly to meet specific business needs. See the list below to learn more about becoming an Agent.
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