From "What's for Dinner" Viral Thread "Lazy Day" Chicken Parmesan w/ Crushed Croutons


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I happen to have a package of thin sliced chicken breast. But I have used boneless tenders or boneless thighs in the past. I have no exact recipe but here goes...

flour in one shallow dish/plate
a beaten egg in one shallow dish,
the crushed croutons in another.
Oil in the bottom of a large skillet - enough to cover the bottom. Heated to medium-ish.
I dip the chicken in flour - shake off excess
then into egg, and then crumbs.
Fry till golden brown, (I try to use as little oil as necessary- but enuff that its frying - not dry)
and then put in a baking dish. (You are gonna want chicken pieces in pretty much a single layer)
Pour spaghetti sauce over chicken, and bake @ 350 degrees for about 30 minutes till all hot & bubbly. Then I turn off the oven, remove dish & put some mozzerella or mozzerella & parmisean cheese on top. Put back in the oven for about 5 minutes or until the cheese is all melty.
I hope this makes sense -
OH! when you are doing all the dipping - flour, egg & crumbs - try to use only one hand. This will keep one hand clean - I use my right hand & a fork. HTH.

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