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I finally figured out that I have to log into KFR through Chrome, and not Firefox. When I use Firefox, it never lets me in. Chrome works perfectly though!

Yes! I ended up calling them as I couldn't get in a few weeks ago as I have Firefox at work and Chrome at home. I have quite a few points built that I didn't want to lose! Now I use Internet Explorer to get in to my account.


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In case anyone is feeling generous with any points they have built up:

You can help too
KFR points can help

One way you can quickly help our food bank partners is to donate your Kellogg's Family Rewards® points to Feeding America. Every dollar you give can provide at least 10 meals to families in need through the Feeding America network of food banks. To make your points go further to help more people, we are reducing the $1 donation from 1,000 points to 500 and the $5 donation from 5,000 points to 2,500 points.

During this current crisis, your points can make an even
bigger difference for Feeding America. It’s easy.