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Discussion in 'Vacation Deals' started by Sherri1480, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Looking for any tips for a week long trip to Orlando. We will be there for a volleyball tournament but we will have a few free days to do what we want to do. We are thinking about going to Animal Kingdom for a day but I really haven't done any research on it. Due to a back problem I cannot walk really far distances without stopping every so often. We have been to Seaworld and loved it so we will probably go there for one day. I am open to suggestions though. Of course I will welcome any frugal tips you may have. Thanks so much!!!!
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    hey! your trip is nearing. Don't miss RainForest Cafe when you go to AK. It's by the entrance to AK and it's free to enter. If you decide to dine in, order a Volcano just for kicks. Be warned though that it's a desert meant for at least 4 people! I don't have any frugal tips because I've been saving up hotel pts and miles for vacations like this. If you AAA or AARP membership, you can call and they usually have discount tickets for members.

    Have fun on your trip and take care!
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    I'm afraid I have no frugal tips for such a trip. I believe there is a sign at the city limits that says, "All ye who enter, leave your frugality behind!" Also, Florida is LOND (land of no doubles).

    I have been to Orlando once since Disneyworld was built. Yes, children, once upon a time Orlando was just a regular city where people lived and worked. I was working a domestic investigation when the woman I'm watching loads up her car and two teenagers one night and heads out. I'm on it, Jack! She picks up her boyfriend, and off they whiz 600 miles to Disney. That little trip cost her a bundle in child custody and alimony. I would like to say a fun time was had by all, but, perhaps she would disagree.
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