Vacation July trip to Fort Wayne, IN


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I know you're all excited! You know us...when we plan a trip, we go to exotic places!! :p

Seriously, my husband and I will be in Fort Wayne, Indiana for a weekend in July. It's summer, and that means baseball tournaments! Luckily, most of the ones that are scheduled (so far) will be day trips, fairly close to home, this year. Even Fort Wayne is close enough to drive there and back in one day, but we'd like to make a weekend of it.

Most of our free time will be spent watching the games. Usually there are two each day, so there's no time for sightseeing. But...we love to eat!! So I'd love some info on restaurants that we should try. And if anyone has info on a good hotel, we can use that too. I saw that there's a cluster of hotels and restaurants in the SW area, and was wondering if that's a good area to stay...and eat.

I know we have several Hoosiers on our site. Hopefully someone has some tips for us! :)