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    Jastwins' wishlist

    The main stores I shop at are CVS, King Kullen, and ShopRite.
    No other store q's, please. My grocery stores double coupons up to .99 cents and King Kullen will double $1.00 coupons. (limit 5 per order) would love to get $1/1 but will take off 2.

    Also for trains love to get stamps, BTFE, Jolly Time upcs, Coke codes and Amazon GC's. I am flexible and if you send some things I cannot use, I will be happy to pass them on to other traders. Any coupon is a great savings to somebody.

    Always looking for the following coupons:


    Rice (Uncle Bens, Minute, Knorrs, Lipton,Carolina)
    Tuna (Bumblebee, Starkist, Chicken of the Sea)
    Hellmans Mayo
    Salad dressings
    Barilla pasta
    Pasta Sauce (cans any brand or jar any brand)
    Soups (Progresso, Campbells, Maruchan,Nissin)
    Heinz Ketchup only
    Marinades (Lawry's, Ken's)
    McCormick Sauces and spices
    Campbells sauces or gravy
    Lettuce (Dole, Fresh express)
    Any veggies (canned...Delmonte, Green Giant, Libbys)
    BBQ sauce (Sweet baby Rays, Sticky Fingers, and other brands)

    Potato chips and pretzels
    Cookies (chips ahoy/ Keebler)
    Cracker (Ritz, Wheat thins, Triscuit, Cheezits, CheezNips)
    Honey nut Cheerios
    Cap N Crunch
    Honey bunches of Oats
    Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix
    Pancake syrup
    Any toppings for Ice cream
    Little Debbie
    Cake Mix any
    Frostings any
    Breakfast bars
    Wesson Oil (any oil is fine)
    Butter (Land o Lakes, Breakstone)
    Yogurt any
    Sour Cream (Daisy, Axelrod ,Hood, Breakstone)
    Bread any
    Buns any
    Skippy Peanut butter only
    Welch's grape Jelly only
    Ortega or Old El Paso products

    soda (any 2 liter)
    free coke 12 pk or $3.00/ 12 pk
    Iced tea any (jugs/powder mix)
    Hot tea (LIPTON any off one)
    Herbal tea (any brand off one if possible, off 2 ok)
    Water Large pack off 1
    Coffee (any pods or cans of coffee)
    Milk (any)
    OJ (any)
    Blue diamond Almond Milk/shelf stable
    Gatorade off small bottles

    Ice cream any
    French fries (Ore Ida, Alexia, McCains)
    Totinos pizza rolls
    Super pretzel
    Waffles (Aunt Jemima, Eggo)
    any frozen veggies (Green Giant, Birdseye, Pictsweet, Hanover)
    pizza off 1
    Lean Cuisine or WW frozen meals

    Health Beauty
    Any high value make up q's like $4/1 Almay (never see these in my area)
    Biore products
    Olay face wash
    Freeman mask
    St Ives face wash
    Pantene any off one
    Garnier products
    Always radiant & regular off one
    Kotex / Stayfree off one
    Playtex Tampons
    Nail polish any
    Nail polish remover any
    cotton balls/squares or rounds
    Scunci hair accessories
    make up remover

    Cleaning supplies
    Murphy's oil soap (really need...never see these)
    Windex good off 1 on any type
    Soft scrub
    Comet (liquid or powder)
    Scrubbing bubbles
    Glade or Febreeze (air freshner can only /off 1 )
    Sauvitel fabric sofner
    Dishwasher detergent any off one
    Scott regular TP only (septic tank will only take this brand)

    trash bags and plastic storage bags off 1 (Hefty, Glad)
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