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    For quite some time now!! I've been really trying hard to make some money online, but I still haven't scored. Actually, real money for me would be like $2000 - $6000. I made significantly less than that. I'm even embarrassed here to write the amount. All and all there's no substance and no consistency.
    Maybe I'm not giving my 100% :(
    What to do??
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    It's hard to give advice without knowing what you've tried, how long you've been at it, and what your skills are. A large % of people making thousands online have spent months to years building a fan base and offer products or services (ebooks, online classes, consultations, etc.). Then there are a select few who have found a profitable niche on sites like fiverr. And others who are resellers on eBay, etc. Or crafters who have made a niche on Etsy and the like. It's all about seeing a need and filling it, and then making sure people know about it. Or its about having the experience and an "in" to get jobs with a company as something like editor, virtual assistant, or customer service rep.

    Are you spreading yourself too thin, trying too many areas without giving any the chance or focus to succeed?
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    when coupon deals dried up, I turned to bank sign ups and credit card deals. I take advantage of our high FICO scores to get the best offers and rebates. For credit card deals, you apply for them ONLY IF you can pay all your credit bills in full each statement. One can't expect to get the profits if one is paying interests and late penalty fees.

    It was a lot easier to get thousands in cashback the past years but a lot of deals have been shutdown. There's still some going on but it takes a lot of social networking to find them since most are keeping the deal to themselves owing to its sensitive nature.
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