Crockpot Italian style french dip



This is so good one of my families favorites

Italian Style French Dip

3 pound beef roast chuck works very well
2 packages zesty italian seasoning mix
2 cups water
large jar of sliced banana peppers 14 to 16 ounces
Provalone cheese
French style dinner rolls sliced to use like buns

Place roast in crock pot
mix seasoning mix and water together and pour over roast
cook on low heat for six hours until roast is very tender
shred roast with fork
add the jar of banana peppers including juice
allow to heat for additional 20 to 30 minutes so flavors blend well

Using a slotted spoon place a nice portion of beef and peppers mixture on french style dinner rolls and top the meat mixture with the cheese. Serve the beef broth in small bowls for dipping your sandwiches . The smaller size of the dinner rolls makes the sandwich easier to handle , two of these smaller sandwiches are a nice serving great with a nice salad. This for us makes enough for two meals I just freeze the left over meat filling for another meal of these wonderful sandwiches.
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This is a very nice recipe, and I do my italian beef pretty much the same way. That dry italian seasoning really is great! I use a mix that I get from the spice house, and they do have an website that you can order from. The spices really are fantastic there.