If you have personal am3x CC, check for sync offer $25 credit wyp $100 or more to Verizon x2/21/17

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    Make sure to check your amex sync offers for the $25 credit when you pay $100 or more Verizon bill x2/21/17. Here's a tip for those who have the offer in several cards (authorized user cards included), let's say your bill is $310 ~ pay $100 to meet the required threshold on card 1, it'll give you $25; save the offer on card 2 and pay also $100, you'll see credit post later and the balance of $110, pay on card 3. Just make sure to SAVE THE OFFER on each card PRIOR to paying with it to ensure that you'll get the credit later. This is better than the 10% up to $300 sometime ago, this one is 25% off your $100 bill.

    Am 3x has been very generous with offers this year, you will save several hundreds per year on credits they offer just by saving the offers on your card soon as you see them.

    I'd be glad to explain how this works if you PM me.

    NOTE: as a reminder, credit cards are not for everyone; but if you can manage them by paying your balance in full each statement, you'll definitely rake in a lot of benefits.
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