If you have an amex CC, last chance to get this freebie

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    I'm sure there are some here with amex CCs like the blue cash everyday, blue cash preferred, blue cash, hilton HHonors etc. If you have any or all of those, check your accounts online if you find $5 statement credit wys $5 or more using Android Pay app. Limit 3 per card. This offer expires 5/3 which is on Wednesday so hurry if you want to get this.

    If the offer is available to you, save it to your card(s). Let's say you have 4 cards including authorized user cards with the offer, save it on each card. Upload Android Pay app on google play (it's free) and log in to your google account. When you open AP app, it'll show your name on it. You can manually enter your card info and follow prompts and at the end, it'll send you an email with a code that you'll submit to verify the account is yours. After the bank verifies your card, it'll get uploaded to your app and ready to use.

    Once the card is uploaded, you can use this to pay at any merchant with the ))) icon at their POS which means it accepts any NFC enabled type of payment. I bought $5 WAG gc per transaction which I did 3x for $15 worth of GCs I intend to use later. Soon as these charge posts to your account, you'll also see three credits of $5 which makes your GCs FREE. By the way, it is NOT only at WAG you can redeem this, others use it at Dunkin Donuts, Panera, Big Lots etc so you're not limited to just WAG.

    If you have amex CCs, go ahead and check it now before this offer expires. Getting the GCs free will stack well with your couponing activities especially if you still earn rewards while paying with GCs (I have been out of the BR and RR loop so anyone can confirm or deny this info). Overall, with or without rewards, that'l $15 worth of freebies for each card you have waiting to be redeemed.

    PS: There's a similar offer for Discover IT using AP app also for $50 which will double if you have the cashback match for one year. That needs another thread of its own...lol

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