Kitchen Tips & Tricks I literally changed my life with pre-made Sandwiches in the Freezer!


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I make a lot of sandwiches!
My husband works 12-15 hour days (he manages an ER that-of course-never closes), and can put sandwiches away like it is his last meal. The fact that he is 6' tall, and built like a line-backer leaves no sandwich in his radar safe. LOL! :eek: If you have kids who regularly bring sandwiches to school for lunch and the freezer space, this will change your life too!

I make a month's worth of sandwiches in one day. I keep the toaster going while I assemble sandwiches. Peanut butter and jelly freezes and defrosts as if you made it that day!

What I have learn about meat and cheese sandwiches (to ensure they defrost as if made that day): Assemble the sandwich like this bread, meat, cheese, meat, bread. Make sure to put the cheese in between the meat! I can't explain why, but it makes a difference for the better. Do not put condiments on them. My husband has a mini fridge in his office stocked with squeezable mustard and mayo bottles.

If your child or significant other doesn't like condiments, great! If they do, I suggest buying food service packets from Amazon, Sams or Costco, and put them in the lunch bag with the sandwich. Just pull the sandwiches you need for the next day out the night before. Don't sweat it if you forget to, we do all the time. My husband frequently pulls them out in the morning, and they are good to go by lunchtime.

I have even put these in my purse on occasion, when I have a lot to do and don't want to stop for lunch. It stays cold until I am ready for it. Frozen water bottles are great for days like this too. It defrosts in your car while you shop.

To freeze the sandwiches: I put the sandwiches in regular ziplock bags, and then fit as many as I can into a gallon sized ziplock freezer bag.

I cannot tell you how much I love not thinking about "to go" lunch everyday... 12 times a year is simply awesome!