I Fixed my "ruined" Frozen Cream Cheese!



I was dismayed to find that my little stockpile of cream cheese that sits in the bottom drawer of my fridge had FROZEN :sad3:
That usually means ruin...

I figured it couldn't hurt to experiment. So I took a pack, warmed it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then stuck it in my Ninja blender. It came out all smooth and creamy, and nicely spreadable.
I put it in the fridge, and when I checked it later on, it had hardened to cream cheese consistency - perfect!

So I "fixed" all the packs and changed the setting on my fridge that had everything freezing down there!
No loss after all :smile7:


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That is good to know. I sometimes freeze it on purpose, but only use it in hot dips after that b/c the consistency is wonky until heated. Never thought to whip & refrigerate after said heating!! Thanks!


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Well I didn't know that - I figured it would be grainy! But it makes sense I guess since you're beating it up.
Good to know. :biggrin:

Yes you can use cream cheese that has been frozen quite well in any dish that either cooks it or whips it. I sometimes add a splash of milk if it seems dried out a bit.


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