Frugal Tips How to get out from beneath the weight of "Dynamic Pricing!"

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    First, let's ask and answer two questions... (I am going to pretend you know nothing). ;)

    What is "dynamic pricing" you ask? Google's dictionary defines it as "the practice of pricing items at a level determined by a particular customer's perceived ability to pay."

    What exactly is a "cookie" (the "computer" kind, not those Oatmeal dreams cooling on your windowsill)? It is essentially a "packet of data" sent by an internet server to a browser (Safari, Outlook, Chrome, etc.), which is returned by the browser every time it accesses the same server again. If your computer is set to "accept cookies" you may not even realize that you are accepting cookies. Other times, a website will ask if you will accept their "cookies." Let's break that down some more with an example:

    Lets say you shop at, Staple's server essentially installs a cookie on your browser (let's say you are using Chrome). The cookie will then store information about you such as your identity, and at times track your internet activity. The next time you visit the website, the cookie will "report back to them" and "dynamic pricing" is born. Any questions? :)
    Cookies aren't all bad, they are used to remember you so you don't have to log in every time you visit your favorite websites, like your gmail account for example.

    The good news is that "dynamic pricing" is easy to get around. Simply clear out your browser’s cache, and delete your cookies. It is also a good idea to log out of your email and social media accounts when shopping. Clearing cookies is quite simple, and you should learn if you haven't already. No one wants to be squeezed like a turnip to get every last cent out of you as possible. Stop merchants in their tracks, delete those "cookie monsters!"

    Happy Savings!

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