How To How to add a link to your "WISH LIST" in your signature line (appears at bottom of your posts).

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    After you create your Wishlist , make sure to add a link to it in your signature (appears at the bottom of all your posts). In that way, fellow traders can find your list easily.

    To edit your signature, simply click on your user name in the upper right of the screen and a pop up window will appear. Next, click on “Signature. See the photo below:

    Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 8.04.02 PM.png
    You can shorten links using a hyper link. Former HCW owner, Heidi, made a great tutorial video on how to create a hyperlink. Check it out if you have not yet done one. CLICK HERE to see the video.
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    @Angie Thomas
    I think this is what you need. Try to complete it on a computer and it will work just fine. If not, try asking @mydogalex2000 for help. She is amazing and helped me.
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