Homemade Spaghetti Sauce



okay can I get a recipe for the sauce with the real tomatoes I love roma but Im one of those people that needs!!!! a recipe PLEASE and I was wondering I want to put it in a jar and save it if the sauce is pipeing hot you dont have to use a canning pot im confused someone please S.O.S ;) TIA


I use brown sugar to balance the tomato bitterness.
Ditto here. I was just reading thru this thread and was going to add that "brown sugar" helps ease the acidity (bitterness), but you beat me to it. Kudos! :encourage12:


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Secret from my "off the boat" Italian grandmother: Brown the tomato paste. Slow and very long...you will get muscles.

When I am lazy and do not want to go "scratch," this tip will work magic on Raju. For every jar of pre-made sauce I brown 1 8oz. can of tomato paste. I like Contadina or Hunts. Put just the paste in a nonstick frying pan and use a heat resistant spoon. Low toward medium heat. Let it sit a bit and stir, let it sit a bit and stir (if you have ever made roux, this is similar). The paste will change color getting darker and richer. I go at least an hour for full flavor...go an 1 and a half when making from scratch sauce for your freezer.

I think I may go post this in tips too, so it doesn't get buried here. It is really good! ;)