Help! What do I use this Cooking Stock for (Chicken)



Ok, I just looked in the cupboard and discovered I have a container (1lb) of Chicken Cooking Stock. I have never made anything with this before and it is getting close to its best by date. What can I make with this. Either stove/oven or crockpot. I have bone-in chicken thighs in the freezer as well as bonless skinless chicken breasts.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I am not good at 'winging it' but I can cook if I am told the how to's and how much's LOL. :wink7:



I love using chicken stock in mashed potatoes!

You could use it in the crock pot with the chicken you have.

Also good in rice as well. :) HTH!

Domestic Gal

Chicken and Beef stock is all I buy. I use it in place of chicken and beef broth.
Much cheaper and takes up less space. Just add water and you have canned chicken broth use in any recipe that calls for chicken broth or stock.


You can make tortilla soup here is the recipe:

  • chicken stock
  • 1 lime, or about 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons to squeeze into your bowl.
  • 2 diced tomatoes
  • chopped cilantro
  • green onions, with most of the green, chopped
  • corn kernels, frozen, fresh, or canned drained as much as you would like in your bowl.
  • cooked chunck chicken
  • 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
  • white steamed rice for a scoop in each bowl
  • 1 avocado sliced for garnish on the top of the soup

  • vegetable oil
  • corn tortillas cut in strips about 1/2-inch wide deep fry till done sprinkle salt on them or purchased corn tortilla chips for the top of the soup.

Simmer chicken in stock till done.I usually take out the chicken put to the side then strain the broth to take out all lil pieces and then add the chicken back in.add the corn.
when ready to serve put a scoop of rice into your bowl.
put some diced tomatoes, cilantro, green onions. Add the chicken and stock into the bowl, Then add the deep fried chips and then add the avocado for garnish and if you want to add some chipotle chills and squeeze lime to your taste.


I would season that chicken of yours however you like your chicken seasoned, heat some olive oil in a frying pan (that has a lid to it) and sear the chicken, once it's seared on all sides throw about a cup or two of your chicken stock in the pan and let it simmer with the lid on, once it's just about cooked all the way take the lid off and let the liquid thicken while simmering, you can add more stock if it looks like it's gonna burn, then use the rest of your stock making rice, just use the same amount you'd normally use water for. I use stock in place of water in lots of recipes, it gives just about anything more flavor. I also make quick cheater chicken noodle soup with stock, just boil the chicken in it and add seasoning veggies and noodles...better than the canned crap!


i wish i could give ya some advice, but i make my own chicken/beef/veggie stock

*use to make gravies
*use in soups
*use in place of water for rice
*use in place of milk for mashed potatoes

*mix 1 part stock to 1 part cream, add a tablespoon or 2 of cornstarch, serve over noodles

thats about it that i can think of, but then again, i make all my own stocks


I use 50% chicken stock and 50% to cook my beans (pinto, etc.). You can also use some in the water you use to boil spaghetti.

Make and freeze some soup.


Chicken & Rice
Chicken & Dumplins
Chicken Soup
Loaded Potato Soup

You can google any of these recipes, or go to foodnetwork dot com


When I make chicken and rice, I cook my rice chicken stock to add more chicken flavor.