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Normally when I buy meat, I buy it in bulk from either Sam's Club or Food Depot. And when I do, I normally separate it and put it in Ziploc Bags and store in the freezer until it's ready to be used. The problem I've been having is when I use my hamburger meat that has been frozen to make Hamburger's or Hamburger Steaks I can't get the meat to stick together while cooking they always fall apart. Does anyone have a solution to this? If so I'd greatly appreciate your advice :wink7:


You could shape into patties and put a sheet of parchment paper between them, then freeze them.


I don't think parchment paper is sturdy enough. How about using sour cream or yogurt lids? Another thing you could do is freeze them individually on a cookie sheet and then transfer them to a ziploc bag.


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here is what i do for my hamburger steaks...i make the patties...put on cookie sheets , I do use parchment paper to seperate layers.... i only leave them in untill frozen... usually one day...then i take and put them into zip loc freezer bags.. or vacume seal them... that way you can cook them frozen and i do not have a problem with them falling apart... i do this also with chops , chicken breasts .....etc...