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My question was too long to put in a here it is:

I've got several (10 or 12) boxes of Hamburger Helper and Chicken Helper on my shelf. With meat prices rising so fast, I almost hate to waste a pound of ground beef on something like this. So...

has anyone made them without the meat and used them as side dishes? Or maybe tossed in some veggies? I'd like to use them up, and I want to be as creative as possible. I'm thinking that I could use tuna in the chicken flavors...but I'm looking for ideas for the beef flavors.

Here are the flavors I have:

Hamburger Helper:
Double Cheesy Quesadilla
Cruncy Taco
Beef Past
Beef Fried Rice
Cheeseburger Macaroni
Three Cheese

Chicken Helper:
Fettuccine Alfredo
Creamy Chicken & Noodles


I understand your reservation on using meat for something like this and yes, I throw in extra veggies and less meat or don't use meat at all sometimes.

But I also use a lot of meat that I got on deals that make it not so painful and expensive.

Depends on what I have on hand at the moment, but I usually don't add as much meat as they say to, I usually make up two boxes at a time of the same kind and the meat portion called for each is the total meat for two:smile:


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I use less meat than it calls for, and add veggies. The Mexican dishes, I add a can of tomatoes (I drain them and use the liquid for part of the water needed) and/or fiesta corn.

The fried rice I add a bag of mixed frozen veggies.


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Have you tried sausage...links, patties, ground sausage, etc.?
Or try ground turkey instead. HTH!


Sometimes I'll use a 1/2 lb of ground beef instead of the full pound, and add more egg noodles or pasta if needed. If you add more pasta, you may want to cook that separately and mix it with the finish helper. Veggies you can throw right in whenever.

I only use canned or leftover chicken for Chicken Helper. And some Hamburger Helpers could work with chicken, like the Mexican kinds.


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Oh, I forgot to add that we use Italian sausage with the Italian type kits.


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Thanks to everyone who posted. I got some good ideas from all of you!!

I made the beef fried rice last night...and just added a bag of frozen stir-fry veggies instead of meat. It was great!! And I could eat it too, so that made it even better!