Rules Guidelines for the "Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) Giveaways" forum


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Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) Giveaways

RAOKs are "Random Acts of Kindness" on the part of the sender. They are given without any sort of obligation to the recipient, including postage.

➹ If you require postage, please in the "Coupon Trades: Current or Expired" forum.

➹ Members cannot request a RAOK in this forum, only offer them.

REVERSE RAOKS can only be posted by moderators.

➹ While members can post as many individual RAOKs as they would like at any time, they can only be the “offerer” on one “Non-Stop” style RAOK at a time. (This will make the offers more exciting, as opposed to the same offerer on multiple threads at once).

➹ "Vote for me" RAOKs, wherein you offer a RAOK in exchange for members' votes, should be posted in the "Community Spotlight" forum, as you are asking for something in return.

  • Use must have 10 or more feedbacks to accept a "Non-Stop RAOK" or a "Reverse" RAOK. Please understand that this Rule is in place to ensure that a new trader prove themselves. It ensures a safe trading environment for all.
  • You can build your feedback by engaging in trades in our regular trade forums: Coupon Trades or Rebate Trades.
  • You are more than welcome to accept and offer individual RAOKS.

RAOKs can be given in any variety of ways, your imagination is the limit:

  • Hold a RAOK Contest. Guessing games are very fun!
  • Ask members to post a funny joke, story, video, picture, etc. and pick the best one. Just keep things PG please.
  • First "post" or "PM" gets it.
  • You can just PM a person you want to "reward" for their mailing information.
  • Pick a number RAOK. Allow people to post for a set duration of time, then put the number of posts in a random number generator to pick the winner.
Additional Tips:

  • If you host a "guessing game" RAOK, please specify if members can guess more than once. If they can, let them know how many guesses should be posted by other members before they guess again.
  • If you are the recipient of a RAOK, it is considered courteous to leave feedback for the sender. Identify it as a trade, and say something like "Thanks for the RAOK!" in the comments.
  • RAOKs are fun to receive! If you get one, consider paying it forward to someone else so that they have the fun of a little something in the mail.

All posts in the Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) Giveaways Forum will be purged from the system after the thread has been inactive for two months.
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