How To Grow your garden


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In this thread, lets discuss some of the topics from our suggestion thread:

1) How do you start your garden?
  • Do you start from seed, when and how?
  • Do you start from baby plants? If so, where do you buy them, what stores are your favorite?
  • When should you get your ground ready for planting?
  • What types of dirt/insecticides
  • Maintenance
  • Thinning/transplanting your garden


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...I will start:giggle2:

I start from plants, and my absolute favorite place to purchase them is Bachmans. I don't really have any luck starting for seed and I live in MN. Our planting season begins after Labor Day and it takes so long for some of these plants to grow, that I just found it easier to start from baby plants:smile:

Bachman's has such BEAUTIFUL plants. they are on the more expensive side, but I will actually pay more for the quality that I get. I have tried HD and Lowes and just haven't had the success rate as I have had with Bachman's.

What about y'all.


1) How do you start your garden?
Do you start from seed, when and how? I start from seed. Winter sow all the way!!!

Do you start from baby plants? Nope, my winter sown plants are way hardier and produce more. Occasionally though I might find some sad baby plants that need a home or items that can't be started from seed. If so, where do you buy them, what stores are your favorite?

When should you get your ground ready for planting? I have started gardening just about year round. Since we switched to to raised beds there isn't a whole lot of prep work involved.

What types of dirt/insecticides? Raised beds filled mostly with composted manure and bedding from the local fairgrounds. I don't really use insecticides except for sevin powder to try (unsuccessfully) to keep the fire ants at bay.

Maintenance? Not a whole lot since we're doing raised beds. Constant watering during the summer and harvesting produce, but it's usually way too hot to weed and work in the garden during the summer.

Thinning/transplanting your garden? I transplant my wintersown seedlings from jugs right into the garden after hardening them off for a bit by removing the tops of the jugs. I thin as little as possible because I hate doing it. And the tighter the plants are in the garden, the less room there is for weeds!

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Okay this is what I'm planning on growing.

Strawberries...via plant
Tomato....via plant. Roma's
Watermelon via plant.
Peppers via plant.

I will use burpee seeds again for:
Green Beans

Want to do Cucumburs as well this year.


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Awesome! You sound exactly like me...minus the watermelon and the strawberries...but I do tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and cukes...and I do the same plant/seed wise as well!

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I will do only one watermelon plant this year.

I made the mistake of doing three last year. Holy crap we had watermelon coming out of our ears...


  • Do you start from seed, when and how?
I do things that can easily grow from seed (ie seeds can just go in the ground) like peas, beans, squash. I usually start putting some stuff in around Easter, things like beets and carrots go in a bit earlier.
This year I am also doing pepper plants (sweet and banana) from seed inside. I just started them today. They are sitting in a plastic container on a heating pad to get the temperature up a bit to help them germinate.
  • Do you start from baby plants? If so, where do you buy them, what stores are your favorite?
Things like tomatoes I start from plants. We get them from a local nursery.
  • When should you get your ground ready for planting?
i start shortly before easter turning the soil, and adding compost.
  • What types of dirt/insecticides
Last year I had a problem with Squash vine borers... so this year I am treating with Sevin. Dirt was from the same local nursery. They have some great compost material as well... had it the first year, had a bumper crop on almost everything... second year didn't do it, and things were pretty poor. So, I am getting some compost again!


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I started gardening only 3 years ago and began with whatever seeds I could plant directly in the ground: watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, cucumber, zucchini, beans, field peas, corn. We planted multiple squash seeds and wow! I didn't realize one plant could produce so much. I also buy tomato and bell pepper plants from the FFA at a local high school. They're reasonably priced, look great, and I know I'm helping the agriculture department at the school. I'm in SC, and most people here plant around Easter.

This year, I'm beginning more from seed indoors to be transplanted later, particularly some herbs like chives, thyme, and tarragon. I'll also be planting a few things earlier than Easter, such as lettuce and carrots. The ground will probably be tilled in early March. Everything will be put in ground except carrots. For me, they seem to do much better in pots where critters can't get to them as easily.

I keep an organic garden with no insecticides or herbicides. I'm chemically sensitive, so even many of the organic sprays affect me negatively. For dirt enhancement, I keep a compost pile and supplement with store-bought compost. I have a family member with a pet chinchilla, so the poop goes into the compost. As for insects, I'll be doing more companion planting this year to try to help with that. When the ant population gets out of control, I use a little Diatamaceous Earth, but it has to be used sparingly since it remains in the soil and deters the worms. With corn, we rub some olive oil on the tassles as soon as they form to deter worms, etc. from crawling in.


I am planting a huge garden this year. Last year was a pathetic attempt at a garden that the weeds eventually took over but now that my youngest is walking, he'll be able to be outside more. I live out in the country so I have a lot of space for gardening.

Planting from seed: corn, greenbeans, peas, carrots and brussel sprouts.
Buying plants of: tomatoes, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, summer squash, zucchini, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and strawberries. We have a lady in our area that has several greenhouses in her backyard and sells very nice plants that are cheaper than our local nurseries.
We're also planting potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, beets, asparagus, honeydew, watermelon and two more blueberry bushes. Two years ago, we planted an apple, peach, pear and two cherry trees. Next summer I'm going to plant 5 more fruit trees. It is my family's goal so try to live as much as possible off of our garden and I am fortunate enough to work at a job where I have access to some very nice greenhouses so I can continue my gardening during the winter.


I am excited... I checked my pepper seeds last night, and the first two have sprouted. hmm... maybe I should do my tomato plants from seed too. I don't know...


My organic garden is in full bloom this year. I moved to this home last June and the garden was overgrown with weeds and the soil was in bad shape. I had to use most of that summer and all winter to get it into shape. Once I did, wow :biggrin: it took off. I have been eating from it since spring.
I have:
summer squash
sweet corn
pumpkin (not ready yet)

90% planted from seed started in my basement during late Feb.


starting my seeds this weekend!
and isreal melons (like a canteloupe)

Will always start extras, plant the best in my garden, and give away the rest..
ordered my seeds from amazon and got only heirlooms and organic!

and I forgot to list green beans!
I do a stringless bush bean for easy canning


OK might be crazy but im thinking next month about starting plants (by seed) inside house.
been gardening since I was eighteen. looking for anyone who might want to trade seeds for cpns,btfe,or just about anything


I'm excited to do my garden this year! Last year was my first attempt. Everything was from plants, except cucumbers & jalapenos, which I did from seed. Cucumbers would have been great had the plant not gotten mildew (I did salvage a few cucumbers from it). Jalapenos I think I only got one.

This may sound silly but what do you do with your garden at the end of the season? LOL I dug up what was left & just turned the dirt over.

I'm thinking of doing strawberries in pots on the fence-anyone ever do this?