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Get Your Crayons Out Bingo Little Things Train


Taking Sign Ups Until +.
(You must choose your bingo colors at sign up, to move things along).
Mail out date will be +
No coupons to expire before +

Early Mail outs are fine and are highly encouraged!
Winner envie send date to be announced.


Please make sure that you can commit to mailing out on time and posting when you send and receive your envies before signing up.

Newbies with a itrader of at least 5 with plenty of QUALITY coupons to share are welcome!


Please make sure to read ALL info and requirements before joining.


You can only ride up to 5 trains at a time at HCW. If you are already on 5, you can catch the next one!


After reading this WHOLE thread, post below to ride.
Then PM, your mailing address, and your 5 words!!


How it works:

Each rider will mail out one envie to the person that I match you up with.

Your initial envie will contain a 25 coupon potluck to your match up and at least one little thing item. You could send stamps, stickers, BTFE, coke codes, samples, pretty much anything that you think your match up would like. You can even send extra coupons.

Let's aim to put a smile on our match-ups face!

Then everyone will have to mail a 25 coupon potluck and either $1 cc or 2 Forever Stamps to the winner of the bingo.

Once bingo is declared, a mail out date will be announced for the winner envies.


To Join:

You must be able to send your match-up an envie with at least 25 q's along with at least one little thing item and (1) 25 q potluck and either $1cc or 2 Forever Stamps for the winner.

Don't forget to put your screen name and the train name on your envie!

You must post when you mail and when you receive.

Please leave feedback for your match ups!!


By signing up for this train, you agree:
  • To abide by HCW's "Guidelines for Potlucks" found HERE.
  • That your envies will include at least 25 Quality Coupons. NO BABY, PET, MEDICATIONS, RESTAURANT, DEPENDS, PADS, TAMPONS or ODDBALL PRODUCTS that hardly anyone used are allowed, unless it is an exact match to a Wish List.
  • That the coupons you send will not expire in less than two weeks from the date of mailing.
  • That you will only send one of each coupon, unless you have an exact Wish List match, then multiples are encouraged.
  • To remember that with potlucks there are no guarantees you will receive an envie full of your coupon wishes. However, I STRONGLY encourage everyone to try and check the Wish List's of fellow riders. You may also want to take the time to update your Wish List before the ride starts.
  • You will not include store specific coupons, unless they are an exact Wish List match.
  • You will not include BTFE's Coke Codes, Pepsi Codes, stickers, etc., unless they are Wish List items.
  • Rebates and TMF forms are GREAT to include, just remember to watch state restrictions.



If for any reason any of your envies are not received, you will be asked to resend at the 2 week point. Joining this train is your agreement abide by this rule.

If you fail to post that your envie was received, it will be deemed received at the 2 week point. You will forfeit your right to a resend, it you report your "lost" envie after the two week from the mail date deadline.

If you need to mail late due to unforeseen circumstances, you must let us know.


This is how the bingo portion of this train will work:

  • A list of 15 words pertaining to crayon colors is found below. Please select 5 words from that list, and send it to me via PM, along with your mailing address. Make sure you keep a copy for yourself!
  • I will call 2 words a day for the first five days and then 1 word a day after that.


The Winner!

The Winner will be the first person who announces BINGO in thread, and then PMs me. I will check the words and declare the winner in thread! Remember there will only be 1 winner, so you must be the first person to call Bingo in the thread!



The prize will be a 25 coupon potluck, and either $1cc or 2 Forever Stamps from each player.

Word List (When words are called they will change to black and the date they are called will be posted next to it):

1. Apricot
2. Black
3. Blue
4. Blue Green
5. Blue Violet
6. Brown
7. Carnation Pink
8. Gray
9. Green
10. Indigo
11. Orange
12. Red
13. Yellow
14. White
15. Scarlet

Members Riding:


Match ups start off blue, turn red when mailed, and black when received:

Congrats! + is the winner of bingo. Everyone is to send her a 25 coupon potluck and either $1cc or 2 Forever Stamps. Winner envie mail out day is +. Early mail out is highly recommended. No coupons to expire before +. Please post as you send/receive your envies. Let's send winner envies to put a smile on catara's face!!!!

Winner envies start off blue, turn red when mailed, and black when received:

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