Kitchen Tips & Tricks Get some Asparagus & Shiitake Mushrooms in your family's tummy when you serve Pasta & Sauce


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Most families love Pasta and "Red Gravy," as my family calls it. My traditional sauce does not include asparagus, but once in a while I cut it up in one inch lengths and add it to my sauce. It is a nice addition to make the same old sauce feel new.

Fresh sliced Shiitake mushrooms are awesome too! Not button or portobellos (although those are good). I find the texture of Shiitakes very unique and appealing, also they do not have a strong flavor like some mushroom varieties. My husband hates strong mushroom flavor, but will eat shiitakes. If your kiddies don't like mushrooms, try adding shiitakes to your sauce. It will work out, because if they turn their nose up, you will have extra for your plate. Yum!

Even better...put cut up asparagus, sliced shiitakes and sun dried tomatoes in a butter garlic "sauce." Throw on some grated Parm, and you have a quick, but divine meal! I am making myself hungry!