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Matthew Moore

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Hey everybody! Everyone here may already know about this app, but I recently started using “GetUpside” to save money on gas which has really helped me out so far. You download the app, pick a gas station on their map, push claim and take a picture of the receipt.. its that simple. I just figured there were others who would appreciate this app!

You can save an extra 20 cent/gallon if you use the promo code: MATT84298.



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App has decent reviews on Apple's app store, but I have no experience with it personally.

Checkout Saver

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I've got a great tip for saving on gas too!!

If they have a rewards program that you're not a member of, use one of the public telephone numbers that are registered with every rewards program!!
Add your area code + 8675309 (everyone registers this # from the song when they don't want to list their own number, so it's registered virtually everwhere!
Another one I've found is the white house phone numbers - registered with all sorts of reward programs! 2024561111 or 2024561414

Check out the name when I got 10 Cents/Gallon cashback using 2024561414