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    Shop at Fred Meyer, Smith's, Albertson's, Winco, Dollar Tree, occasionally Walmart.
    DON'T have Target, Rite Aid, CVS or Dollar General, gave up on our Walgreens.

    We no longer have double coupons, so highest value possible appreciated.
    Our stores can be a problem with stocking so LONG expirations are great!
    FREES are always great!

    Can use IPs. Cannot use expireds and all coupons MUST have a scanable barcode.

    Always enjoy Redbox or VUDU codes

    N(B)WPN good in Idaho -- Know they're hard to come by. Haven't seen one in AGES.

    Do not need: Hair color, Makeup, Ensure, Baby, medicine, most vitamins, feminine, air fresheners/candles.

    Not as picky about coupons as some people fear. I just list a lot of the "odd" coupons you may not know what to do with.

    $2/1 Vaseline Lotion

    Free Idahoan Potatoes wyb Rotisserie Chicken -- LOVE this, but never see it here!

    Bob's Red Mill site printable good on any product is always welcome!

    Saffron Road Frozen Dinners

    Halos Mandarins 50 cents/1

    Produce: Any Fresh Produce is great – Driscoll berries, tomatoes, avocados, etc.
    Coupons/hangtags on fresh produce

    Cuties and Halos fresh mandarin oranges

    Kroger brands of produce (Simple Truth, Fresh Selections, etc.) especially home mailer coupons

    Salads: Dole, Taylor Farm, Fresh Selection peelies

    Nasoya Products – Asian wrappers
    Reeser's -- Potato Salad, Salsa
    Litehouse products (Good on any) $/1
    Wholly Guacamole/salsa (especially tearpad coupons!)

    Baked Goods:

    Tortillas -- La Tortilla Factory, Tumaro's, Tortilla Land, Mission corn, whole grain or gourmet
    Flatout Bread Wraps
    Stonefire Naan Bread
    Alexis Flatbread pita bread

    Frozen Juice – Old Orchard, Tree Top
    Martinelli's -- Love the $1/1
    Nescafe Taster's Choice Stick Pack -- $1/1
    Boxed Tea -- Bigelow herbal,Tazo, Stash, Good Earth.
    Zevia, Izze and Dry Soda

    We don't buy sugary children’s cereals
    Kashi cereals, crackers, granola bars
    Kellogg’s, General Mills -- high value adult only, love Raisin Bran or cereals with berries

    We Don’t eat shellfish or pork
    Opaa! Gyro meat
    Aidells meatballs
    Chicken, fresh – Foster Farms/Tyson
    We DO NOT buy Kroger Heritage Farms -- a couple BAD experiences turned us off
    Jennie-O FRESH Turkey Products -- such as ground, fresh breast
    Hormel Natural Choice Luncheon Meat

    Buddig and Land O' Frost luncheon meat
    Oscar Mayer or Jennie-O turkey bacon
    Hillshire Farms Turkey Sausage and luncheon meat
    Oscar Mayer Angus Beef Selects or coupons good on “any” hot dogs
    Hebrew National, Nathan's Kosher hot dogs

    Cooking and Baking:
    Carnation Evaporated Milk
    Chocolate Chips
    Dried fruit -- Sun Maid, Mariani, Craisins
    Heinz Vinegar
    Holland House cooking wines Pompeian and Star vinegar, Stores don't stock Regina Brand
    Olive oil, national brand $2/1 or higher, Stores DON'T stock California Olive Ranch

    Spectrum culinary oils (LOVE the $3/1 or even $2/1 when they show up!)
    Oil Cooking spray
    Old Bay Seasoning
    Rumford Baking Powder
    Wholesome, Madhava or Xagave Brand Agave Syrup

    Asian sauces such as Kikkoman, San-J, Nakano, Sun Luck -- $1 or higher or .50/1 packet
    Ketchup and mustard

    Dairy: Stores don’t stock most Land O' Lakes products, except butter.
    Organic Valley milk

    Almond, soy, coconut milk -- $1/1 and higher

    Butter :
    Challenge butter
    Occasionally buy Land O Lakes, but harder to get
    California butter seal coupons

    String/snack cheese sticks
    Kraft block, slice or shredded cheese
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese, including minis
    Precious, Sorrento -- ricotta, mozzarella cheese
    Tillamook Cheese
    Galbani Mozzarella
    Occasionally buy imported cheese such as Alouette, Rondele, President -- but only on markdown, B1G1.

    Broths, aseptic cartons -- Pacific, Imagine, Wolfgang Puck, Simple Truth
    Swanson --15-16 ounce cans, don't usually buy aseptic boxes of Swanson
    Bush’s and S&W Beans
    Campbells Cooking Sauces
    Chili – Hormel, Nalley, Natural Foods brands -- Stores DON'T sell Wolf Brand Chili
    Farmer's Market canned pumpkin
    Muir Glen tomato products
    Health Valley Products
    Peanut and Almond Butters -- Adam's, Maranatha, Justin's
    Canned Vegetables/fruit – usually can’t use the jarred kind,
    Tasty Bite Indian pouches
    Refried Beans: Rosarita, Taco Bell, Simple Truth Organic, etc.
    Taco Bell Taco Sauce
    Ortega, Taco Bell, Old El Paso seasonings, taco shells -- especially coupons good on Ortega Tostada Shells!

    Alexia frozen products

    Flav-R-Pac or Green Giant frozen vegetables
    Freschetta, DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza, also California Pizza Kitchen
    Gorton's, Van De Kamps, Seapak frozen fish
    Ice Cream -- Prefer $/1, don't have freezer space for more than one at a time. (Also, Ice Cream novelties)
    Kashi, Saffron Road, Frozen entrees
    Luigi's Italian Ice -- can only get this occasionally, so the No Expiration Qs are great!
    Marie Callender's pot pies and desert pies
    On-Cor Frozen Entrees
    Veggie/meatless products such as Morningstar Farms, Quorn

    Grains/Pasta/Side Dishes:
    Bob's Red Mill products
    -- especially coupons good on "any"
    Quaker Oatmeal
    Lundberg Rice products
    Pasta – Ronzoni Healthy Harvest, Barilla whole grain, DeLallo
    Ancient Grains or Village Harvest Brands Quinoa, polenta, pasta

    Calbee Harvest Snaps -- DH LOVES these

    Candy bars – Snickers/Reese’s/Butterfinger/Almond Joy/Mounds single bars -- B1G1, $1/2,

    B2G1 Snickers (Mars)
    Chips Ahoy and Nabsico Newtons Cookies
    CLIF and Luna Bars
    Tortilla chips, Potato Chips -- National brand -- $1/1 (NOT Kettle Chips)


    Bic Pens (Especially $1/1 any product)
    Forever and 20 cent stamps

    If you’re on a train and really stumped I can use below items:
    Please watch postage, if the envie gets a little too thick postal machines eat envies and the post office charges parcel rate -- OUCH!

    Computer printed address labels with HCW username.
    Unusual herbal tea bags. LOVE green, white, red (rooibos), mint and hibiscus (fruit), chai, hazelnut, mint.
    Instant coffee singles for DH’s lunchbox
    True Lemon, Emergen-C, Bragg samples
    Crest White Strips samples

    Always thrilled to try spice sample packets

    Cat treats/samples – DH likes to treat neighbor cats
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