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Q: Where do I print coupons for Giant Eagle Deals?
A: There are tons of coupons sites out there to print coupons from. These printable Coupons are not just for Giant Eagle – they can be used anywhere coupons are accepted! Giant Eagle allows 2 “like”printables per day.

Q: What are “like” coupons?
A: “Like” Coupons are simply coupons that have the SAME value for the SAME product. Giant Eagle only allows (5) “like” insert coupons and (2) “like” printed coupons per 24 hours. There is NO limit on the total amount of coupons you have as long as no more than 2 printables and 12 insert coupons are the same or “like”.

Coupons with DIFFERENT Values are NOT considered “like”. If you have (2) 50¢/1 Cheerios coupons and (2) 60¢/1 Cheerios coupons, you can use them all together. Giant Eagle has confirmed this on their Facebook page. GoHERE to read more! You can even screenshot or print out their response in case you need to show your local Giant Eagle!

Coupons with DIFFERENT expirations dates ARE considered “like”. Usually when we print coupons fromcoupons.com, the expiration date is 30 days from the date we printed. For example: If you print 2 Cheerios coupons today from coupons.com and then the coupon reset and you were able to print it twice more tomorrow, the expiration dates WOULD be different but since Giant Eagle does not consider coupons with different expiration dates to be different, you could only use 2 per day and not all 4 at once.

Q: What are double coupons?
A: Giant Eagle doubles coupons up to $.99 every single day! This means that a coupon with a value of $.99 will double to $1.98. We RARELY see a $.99 coupon so you are more likely going to see a $.75/1 coupon doubling to $1.50! Remember that it’s the COUPON that is doubling. You are not using 2 coupons on the same product. A coupon with a value of $1 or more will be redeemed at face value. If you have a $.75/1 coupon and the product is priced at $1, the coupon will only double up to $1 (the price of the product). Giant Eagle does not give overage. If that product would cost $1.50, then the 75¢/1 coupon would double to $1.50….either way it’s FREE just no overage. Here’s the confusing part! Sometimes a coupon will not double. This has nothing to do with whether the manufacturer wrote “Do Not Double” on the coupon. Many coupons have “dnd” on them and they still double automatically. A manufacturer can code the barcode of a coupon so when it is scanned, it simply will not double. The code STOPS the register from doubling it. This doesn’t happen often but it does happen. Some Giant Eagle stores will manually double the coupon if this happens but ONLY if the coupon doesn’t state “do not double” on it. Most Giant Eagle stores will not but it’s worth asking. In the past when we had the “old” barcodes, we could simply look at the number below the barcode and know if it would double or not. (5 meant it would and 9 meant it wouldn’t), however, most of the coupons today have the NEW barcode. We cannot look at the new barcode and know if the coupon will automatically double or not. There are many different iPhone apps that allow you to scan a coupon to see if it will double or not. Search the app store for “double coupon checker” to quickly find a free one. There are a TON of FREE iPhone apps that will allow you to see if a coupon will double or not. The most common one seems to be Double Check.

Q: Will Giant Eagle accept coupons with a Walmart Logo?
A: The short answer is YES. These are simply manufacturer coupons with a suggested retailer on them. Basically, Walmart is advertising on the coupon. However, manyGiant Eagle stores still do not understand that these are not competitor coupons and that they should be accepted. You can read my post about these coupons and see Giant Eagle’s response to this question HERE. I suggest calling customer service if your local Giant Eagle refuses these coupons. Some independent stores will not accept them and since they are not a corporate store, they are allowed to make up their own rules sometimes.

Q: What is the Giant Eagle Coupon Policy?
A: You can find the Giant Eagle Coupon Policy on my blog HERE or head straight to the Giant Eagle website. Below are just a few highlights from the policy!

  • Limit 5 “like” insert coupons per 24 hour period
  • Limit 2 “like” printable coupons per 24 hour period
  • A single printed coupon cannot be over $3 in value
  • No “Free” Printed coupons including “B1G1 FREE”
  • No stacking coupons (combining eOffers with regular coupons)
  • Get reimbursed for coupons you forgot to use up to 10 days after purchasing products **must take your receipt and coupons to customer service.
  • No Competitor Coupons
  • Coupons with a value of 99¢ or less will double!
Q: How many coupons can I use on 1 product?
A: You can only use ONE coupon per item/product as stated on the coupon. If you have a $1/1 coupon, you buy 1 product and use (1) coupon. If you have a $1/2 coupon, you buy 2 products and use (1) coupon. If you happen to have (2) $1/1 coupons and (1) $1/2 coupon for the SAME product, you cannot use these together on the same 2 products. You MUST buy 4 products to use (2) $1/1 and (1) $1/2 coupons.

Q: Can I use 2 coupons with a B1G1 FREE Sale?
A: Yes! A “B1G1 FREE” sale at Giant Eagle is simply a “Half-Off” sale! You don’t even have to buy 2 products to get the deal. Since you are paying for both of the items, you can use a coupon for each item. There are exceptions. When buying fresh meat, you have to buy 2. The more expensive package will ring up at full price and the cheaper package will be free. Read more about how to use coupons at Giant Eagle with a B1G1 FREE Sale here!

Q: How do I get 30 gallons of gas with fuel perks?
A: Take Gas Cans! Giant Eagle shoppers can earn a ton of fuelperks thanks to the many Bonus Fuelperks deals! When redeeming these fuelperks, it’s best to get the full 30 gallons of gas! After all, if you are getting gas for “FREE”, you would want to get 30 gallons and not just 15. Most of us do not have a gas tank that holds 30 gallons. For safety reasons, Get Go and other gas stations do not allow you to fill up 2 different cars from the same pump, however, you can bring gas cans and fill them up! Fill up your vehicle and the cans until you reach the full 30 gallons for the biggest savings! If you are wondering how some product are a “money-maker” after fuelperks, check out this example and picture of how Giant Eagle shoppers were able to make money after fuelperks by buying cereal. This is now just an example – the deal is over. Be sure to check out the current Giant Eagle Matchup to see the most recent Bonus Fuelperks Deals!

Q: What’s the difference between and independent store and a corporate store?
A: Independent stores can be a little trickier to coupon at since they do not have to follow the coupon policy. Most of them seem to follow it, however, the ones who are not as coupon-friendly can have stricter limitations. This is just something to keep in mind if you are shopping at an independent store. If you have a problem at an independent store, you can still call corporate customer service but if your independent store, for example, wants to only accept 8 “like” coupons instead 12 “like” coupons as listed in the coupon policy, it is my understanding that they have that right.

Q: Can I stack eOffers with Paper Coupons?
A: No, the Giant Eagle Coupon Policy does not allow stacking eOffers with paper coupons. This has been confusing to many people since the registers were not updated until recently to catch if both an eOffer and paper coupon were being used together. Many thought that since the register accepted both, the coupons were allowed to be stacked but it is clearly stated in their coupon policy that it is not allowed.

Most Giant Eagle registers have now been updated to catch if both are used and will only allow you to use one or the other. The majority of the time, a paper coupon is better than an eOffer. eOffers do not double so if you have an eOffer for 50¢/1 and a paper coupon for 50¢/1, you will want to use the paper coupon that will double to $1!

Q: What are rebate apps?
A: There are several rebate apps that you may have heard of recently. But what are they? They are simply apps or websites where we as couponers can earn extra savings on purchases we make at Giant Eagle. The best part about all of these apps is you can stack multiple rebates from different apps for huge savings on the same item!

1) What is SavingStar?

SavingStar is an app and website that gives us savings on several purchases we make. This is one of the easiest rebate apps that we have. All you have to do is link your Advantage Card to your account and activate offers by selecting them. Then, just shop. The information from your trips will be automatically submitted to SavingStar and the rebates will be added directly into your SavingStar account. Depending on your store, this can take anywhere from a day to 22 days. There is a minimum balance of $5 needed in order to withdraw your savings, which can be by either PayPal or bank deposit; or submit for an EGiftcard for Starbucks, iTunes, or AMC Theatres.

There are two types of offers available on SavingStar: Single and “One or Many” offers. Single offers are just like e-offers. These are not intended to be stacked with other paper coupons. However, if you do make a mistake and use a coupon, the offer will still be redeemed (at the time.) This could always change in the future, however. “One or Many” offers are offers where a minimum balance must be purchased over a time span. This does not have to be met in one transaction. SavingStar will keep track of your progress towards the goal. The benefit of these offers is stacking coupons with these is allowed and encouraged, and the amount that goes towards the goal goes by “pre-coupon” prices.

Savingstar also offers both healthy offers and freebies on occasion. The healthy offers are typically for a generic fruit or vegetable and give a percentage back off of one purchase. The freebies offers give back the total price paid for one offer. These typically have a very short expiration date, usually two or three days after they show up on Savingstar.

2) What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is an app that is currently available in both the Apple Store and Google Play that gives us an opportunity to gain additional savings on purchases. All you do is connect your Ibotta account with your Advantage card and unlock offers by doing simple tasks, such as reading a fact. Then, after you purchase the item, Giant Eagle automatically submits your purchase and the money is added directly to your Ibottaaccount. Savings can take up to 24 hours to be approved, but can take longer, depending on your location. Select offers will also be included in bonus offers that pile on top of the original offers. Ibotta also runs a monthly bonus as a team challenge. Simply attach your Facebook account to Ibotta; and anyone on your friends list who also use Ibotta will be included on your Ibotta team. After you reach a minimum of $20, you can withdraw your savings either into PayPal or Venmo, or onto a gift card for select stores (minimum of $25). These offers can also be stacked with coupons for even greater savings! For more information, check out the more thorough post here.

3) What is Checkout51?

Checkout51 is another rebate app available on both the iPhone and Android with even more opportunities to save big on purchases. Don’t have a smartphone? Not an issue withCheckout51. You can also submit purchases directly on their website! Every Thursday morning, a new list will come out with new (or re-added) offers for products. You then have a week to purchase the items and scan your receipt. UnlikeIbotta and SavingStar, you do not have to do anything to add or unlock an offer. Just purchase and scan. With Checkout51, there is a minimum balance of $20 before you can withdraw your savings. Currently, the only form of payment is a check, which will be sent to your physical address. For more information, go here.

4) What is Shopmium?

Shopmium is very similar to both Ibotta and Checkout51 in that they give you even more opportunities to earn money back on purchases you make These offers change randomly. These offers can vary from shopper to shopper as you build a shopping history with them. The offers can range from saving a straight amount off of an item (ex: Save $1 on Runa), saving a percentage off (Save 20% on Runa), or allowing you get an item for a particular price (ex: Get Runa for 50¢). With All of these offers, what you receive in the end will depend on the sale price on the item. Although you are allowed to use coupons with Shopmium, they will not allow you to “make money” off of an item. Unlike Ibotta,Checkout51, and SavingStar, there is NO minimum balance to reach before withdrawal. Instead, offers are instantly sent to your PayPal account after they are approved. For more information and a referral code for a FREE Lindt chocolate bar, go here.

5) What is BerryCart?

BerryCart is another rebate app. BerryCart is aimed specifically towards eating healthier foods. BerryCart works very similar to Ibotta. In order to redeem an offer, you must first perform simple tasks. Then, just purchase the item and scan your receipt. After you reach the minimum balance of $5, you can just withdraw your savings to your PayPal account or purchase a select gift card. Just as with other rebate apps, you can also stack these with coupons for more savings! For more information, click here.

6) What is Snap by Groupon?

Snap by Groupon is the newest rebate app! Many of their offers have no limits meaning that you can do the same offer over and over until it hits the national limit! You do not need a smartphone for this rebate app/site! Once you reach the $20 minimum balance, you can submit for a check to be mailed directly to you. Go here to learn more about it!**UPDATE* Snap by Group will be changing on March 1st and will no longer have product-specific promotions. If you have $20 or more, request a check. If your balance is less than $20, you will get promtional Groupon Bucks rounded up to the nearest $5. Check your app for full details!

7) What is Shrink?

Shrink is one of my favorite apps available right now! Shrinkis known as a loyalty rebate app. It is typically aimed at healthy options. Shrink gives you the option of earning both cashback on initial purchases and points towards additional rewards. These can range from cashback on additional purchases, cashback right away, or free items. Shrink also gives opportunities to earn free points for each product, such as following them on Twitter. Shrink also gives cash back for general items as well. Every Friday, Shrink adds 2-3 general options, such as bananas. When you reach at least $10, you can send your earnings to Paypal or Venmo. Go here to learn more about Shrink and see how to get an additional $1 for signing up!

8) What is Cartsmart?

Cartsmart is another weekly rebate app, like Checkout51. Cartsmart is a Canadian-based rebate app. Every Thursday, Cartsmart updates their rebates. Most are one-time only, but sometimes, more than one can be redeemed. Be sure to read the details before purchasing. Then, just scan your receipt. Cartsmart also has a grocery list option, where you can add any product to your list for shopping. The nice thing about this option is sometimes new rebate offers can randomly be offered based off of your shopping list. The other nice thing about Cartsmart is there is no minimum balance required. Simply request your earnings anytime to be sent directly to your Paypal.

9) What is MobiSave?

Mobisave is another one of my favorite rebate apps. Every Monday, MobiSave updates is list of offers. All you have to do is unlock the items by selecting them, purchase the items, then scan your receipt. Your rebates are instantly sent to your Paypal account following approval. Approval times can vary, but typically are within an hour. Make sure your Paypal account is attached to your MobiSave account. This can be accomplished by either signing up with your Paypal email or adding the email account your sign up with to your Paypal account (this can be done in your settings on the Paypal website).

10) What is Find & Save?

Find & Save is different than any other rebate app we have right now. Instead of offering cash back on specific items, Find & Save gives you cash back on shopping trips in general, regardless of what you purchase. Often, these are in the form of a percentage back off of purchases at a particular location. You typically have to reach a minimum amount of purchases in order to redeem cash back (ex: 5% cash back at Giant Eagle when you spend $100 of more). Most purchases will qualify for cashback, although there are sometimes exclusions (ex: gift cards), so be sure to read the details beforehand. The nice thing about Find & Save is although they often have a minimum purchase amount, this typically does not have to be reached in one shopping trip, similar toSavingstar’s One or Many offers. To earn cashback, all you have to do is unlock an offer, then scan your receipts. Once you reach a minimum cash amount of $25, your earnings will instantly be sent to your Paypal account. This can sometimes take a week or so before your earnings are submitted, but nothing more needs done on your side. When signing up, be sure to use referral code H5FN.

Q: What Does NLA, DND, WYB and other acronyms mean?
A: Go HERE to read what the common couponing acronyms mean!

Q: What Coupons can I expect in the Sunday Paper
A. Go HERE to see the 2016 Coupon Insert Schedule. Plus,check back each Saturday to see what coupons are expected in the inserts!

Q: How do I read a coupon matchup
A. Check out the image below that explains how to read a coupon matchup. Remember that this is just an example . I list all available coupons that match the sale item. One coupon per item purchased can be used – I simply list all available coupons.


Q. Does Giant Eagle Accept Expired Coupons?
A. The Giant Eagle Coupon Policy states that the coupons must have a valid expiration date and not be expired so the “official” answer is no. However, some Giant Eagle locations seem to allow a small grace period but it’s very important to ASK your local Giant Eagle store before using an expired coupon. Some stores that have allowed expired coupons in the past are no longer allowing them which is why I say to ask while shopping. Even if the store has allowed others in the past to use expired coupons does not mean it’s guaranteed.

If you are getting a raincheck for an item and have coupons that will expire soon, ask customer service if they will accept the coupons if they expire before they get the product back in stock. Many (but not all) stores will write on the raincheck that your expired coupons are to be accepted.

Q. Will companies send coupons by mail?
A. Many companies will send high-value coupons straight to your house! You can contact any company that you like and simply give them an honest opinion or let them know how much you like their products. Be sure to leave your name and address in case they decide to send out coupons.

It’s best to not directly ask for coupons. Some send coupons and some do not but a ton of people over in the Giant Eagle Couponers Group have had a lot of luck! We also have a file located HERE that lists the contact information for a bunch of companies to get you started. (You will need to be a member of the GE couponers group in order to see that file). Plus, the contact information of most companies is also found at the bottom of their website!