Freezer Meals Freezer Meal: Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole


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Freezer Meal: Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole


Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole Freezer Meals!

This recipe for Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole is one of my families personal favorites, it is comfort food at it's best, yet it is quite the pretty casserole and is nice enough to serve when we have company.

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I love taking advantage of rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. The price is usually actually cheaper to buy a chicken already cooked than it is to buy a whole raw chicken and cook it yourself. I do however, try to wait for some sort of sale or deal on the rotisserie chickens and I snatch 4 or 5 of them up, pull the meat off the bones and freeze it for easy meals. And this Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole is the perfect use for that chicken meat!

The casserole recipe calls for the use of fresh leeks and mushrooms and a lot of yummy cheese. There is no "cream of" soups in this recipe either, instead creaminess is added via some sour cream. We like to top our casserole with a handful or two of chopped pecans for some extra added crunch But you can leave that off if you have nut allergies or they are too expensive. Panko bread crumbs would be lovely too!
This recipe makes two 9X13 inch casseroles which each serves 6-8 people + some. You can easily divide this up into 4 or 6 smaller casserole dishes as well. I just have a big family thus the larger casserole sizes.
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Recipe for Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole:


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