Health/Rx Deals FREE Adult Dental Care (in Select Areas) - 2 Programs, 1 Search Tool and a "Bonus"

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    Program #1 Dentistry From the Heart. Day-long dental care events are scheduled in various locations throughout the country. Volunteer dentists and dental hygienists offer their services for free, with no questions asked. The services provided only include: Extractions, fillings and cleanings. Services are only for patients 18 and above (no children).

    You can check their schedule HERE. New events are added often. Please Note: Their events are well attended, so it is recommended that you arrive early.

    Program #2 Dental Lifeline Network.
    This program is geared toward the elderly, disabled or "medically fragile" people. To find out if you qualify, CLICK HERE. Then, click on your state.

    Search Tool: provides a searchable database to help you to find FREE or reduced rate dental care for low-income patients.

    Bonus: While usually not FREE, many dental colleges offer very reduced rates so that their students can develop their skills. Here is a link to the American Student Dental Association, where a list of all dental schools in the country is maintained. Contact one near you to see how much you can save.

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