For The Love Of Cats :)

My wife and I have four feline daughters. We have one, a senior cat with bad teeth, and looking to find a soft cat treat brand or homemade recipe that you're willing to share.

Our cats have such different purrsonalities. We have a rescued White Turkish Angora and her own baby who seem to have a love-hate relationship since the baby is now four years old. The only time to get them together is at treat time, after our dinner. The cat mentioned above has been crying from trying to chew the kinds that the others have no issues with.

Anyone who can help with a recipe will get 16 paws and 2 thumbs up.


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My family volunteers at the local animal shelter. The top volunteer (in number of hours) for the city is a dear friend who cannot have pets aside from fish in his apartment. He shared this recipe for "tuna fudge" years ago and swears that the cats and dogs loved him for making it. I bet the smell lingers long after it cooks though. Report back if you make it please.


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I have 4 cats, only 1 of which will eat treats and she will only eat 2 treats, Meow Mix Irresistables soft chicken treats, and Sheba chicken sticks (way more expensive). The Meow Mix ones are getting harder to find. Many stores only sell crunchy treats, which she will not eat.