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These are home mailer they expires december 13 2020
.75 2 bags of rold gold pretzels smartfood popcorn sunchips
$1 off frito -lay mulipack

$1 off two bags of doritos chips cheetos ruffles potato chips
$1 when you buy any two tostitos chips or tostitos salsa or dips
$1 off 2 bags of lays potato chips
$.075 one quaker instant oatmeal and one tropicana pure premium juice
$2 on 1 frito-lay multipack 1 bag of cheetos one bottle of pepsi 2ltr or mountain dew
.075 on 1 quaker chewy granola bars and frito lay multipack
$1 off bags of eaten path snacks or stacy's pita chips or box and bubly sparkling water

Will take one stamp or cat food coupons printed or whatever
thank you
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