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What is all this hoopla about Essential Oils, anyway?

If you can buy an essential oil in a grocery store, pharmacy, or anywhere like that then it is guaranteed to not be pure. As long as a bottle has as much as a couple of drops of therapeutic grade essential oil in it, the manufacturer is allowed to label the bottle as therapeutic grade essential oil! The rest of what you're getting in that bottle are synthetics.

We want essential oils because we want good products that can help our Wellness Journey, naturally.

Enter. . .Young Living Essential Oils which are the only oils on the market that can use the Seed to Seal Guarantee. (
You can check out all the products we carry at, and our special antioxidant drink is so special that it has a site dedicated to it

This is a MLM company, but if you don't want to make a business out of it and only want to be a Wholesale Customer then there is no pressure to sell. Yet, if you're energetic, know a lot of people, mix with folks in Mommy's Groups, at the ball field, etc. then you can turn this into a business.

I would love to have you join me in using these wonderful, God created plant juices and be bettering your life by doing so.

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I'm not on here every week and may not see your response if you message me or leave a response here. My best contact is through Facebook Messenger: Amy Bratcher Dyer and 2nd best is to text me at 1-615-464-7599. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and would love to share my oily lifestyle with you!!

My story:
Let me tell you just a little about how I got started with oils. I had been researching essential oils for about 2 years before I made my purchase. Some of what I learned about oils online was from different holistic doctors. I have some supposedly incurable illnesses, and my dear husband, Earl, was stricken with a rare disease, Transverse Myelitis, in July of 2015 just after we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. He was paralyzed from his chest down, so I was needed when he was sent to rehab after he left the hospital. We spent over 60 days at that rehab hospital where he worked extremely hard with both occupational and physical therapy. While he was doing therapy, I was also having to go to several doctor appointments. One day I had 19 Lidocaine shots in my back. Needless to say, this was the hardest thing that we had ever faced. Had we not had God in our lives and people holding us up in prayer around the world, I have no idea how we would've made it. Even now, Earl (who just got a spouse account and is my 1st signup), is quadriplegic.

One day while in the rehab hospital, my parents came to visit and brought us something in a little bottle that would forever change our lives!! A lady who used to be in our neighborhood had sent about half a bottle of Young Living's Peace and Calming II essential oil blend. She sent instructions to place a bit of oil on cotton balls around the room. It was amazing how after we began smelling the scent of the oil how it helped to calm us. We were in love with that little bottle of God's juice! We used all of the oil and loved every last drop!

I tried unsuccessfully several times to contact my neighbor because I knew we needed these Young Living oils. With no knowledge of how to go about purchasing these oils, I signed up using a sponsor number on Pinterest who promised literature if you signed up using her number and then emailed her. She never answered my emails, but I found enough knowledge to order a couple of reference books from Life Science Publishing (LPS). I bought my Premium Starter Kit in 2016 and began using some of the oils, but I ordered Peace & Calming, and Peace & Calming II because I knew that the first blend we used on us worked wonderfully! I didn't meet my $50 during a 12 month period and became inactive for about a month. I was so behind on my emails that I didn't see Young Living's email about going inactive until a month had passed since they sent it. Not wanting to spend the money that I couldn't really spare on a new PSK (Premium starter kit) due to our circumstances, I called Young Living's customer service. They agreed to reinstate me as a Wholesale Member if I would place a $50 quick order! I placed that order and my life once again changed in such a great way! YL placed me under Jennie Radhakrishnan, our current Diamond. Because she was building legs of her business, she contacted me and asked if it would be ok to place me under Jana. Jennie had already placed me in the Hangout group where I was welcomed and also met Jana. I felt at home right away. The Hangout is for those who want to know more about their oils and also for the Business Builders. It's a friendly environment where you can carry on oily conversations with a varity of oily people. Of course, you can ask any questions you may have to the person who invited you to Young Living. I love that we're all just one big, oily family!