Sweepstakes ~ Once Enter to win Tieks shoes & LuLaRoe. approx $300 value

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    Hey all!

    As some of you may know, I am a long time HCW gal. I went back to "work" last summer so I had to step down as a mod for HCW. You are not forgotten though, so when I am part of a give away where the prize is $175 Tieks ballet flats (they are the most comfy fantastic shoe with a huge following) and a 3 piece LuLaRoe outfit I need to share here so you can enter. Frugal HCW gals may not want to pay $175 for shoes but you just might win them!

    Entries are low in this one. Under 200.

    You will have to do a little bit of legwork. You start by joining my LuLaRoe group (that's my new job) & find the post with the picture of Tieks. Comment on it and then join the other listed groups & do the same. One winner will be chose tomorrow (Sunday) night! Good luck! If you enter, in my group comment that you are from here. I would love to say hi! <3

    I also have a give away going on right now in my group to win a pair of leggings. Come on over & look for the Donkey!


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