What you'll need:
Large deep dish baking dish/pan (like the large rectangle Pyrex size).

Deep sauce pan.

2 very large chicken breasts.

1 packet taco seasoning.

1 large can or either green enchilada sauce or red enchilada sauce (I like red, mild).

18 corn tortillas.

1 can black olives (optional).

1 block of cheese (I like cheddar and I use lots of cheese).

Prepare the meat:
Boil chicken with taco seasoning. When chicken is cooled off shred with a fork. Pour a little of the sauce in with the chicken and mix around for a little more flavor.

Prepare sauce:
Pour sauce into bowl and boil until it just begins to slightly bubble. (you don't want it to hot cause your gonna be sticking your hands into it).

Start making the enchiladas:
1. First, remember to dip each tortilla in the sauce before you lay it in the dish. In the baking dish lay 6 of the dipped tortillas flat on the bottom of the dish, covering it completely.

2. Then put an even layer of the chicken over the tortillas.

3. Then a layer of cheese.

4. Then a few olives.

Then you will repeat steps 1 - 4 two more times. At the end you should have your final layer with lots of cheese and olives. Then with your hands press down lightly all over to compress your layers a bit.

Time to bake:
Bake in the oven at 350* for about 45 minutes. Let it cool slightly before you serve (this will help cutting nicer slices cause the cheese wont be so stringy) and then your ready to serve and enjoy! This should serve about 4 - 5 people. And is great heated in the microwave the next day for leftovers!


Yummy! This sounds like it would be a good recipe to feed a big family.



Yummy! This sounds like it would be a good recipe to feed a big family.

YES!!! For sure... because of the stacks, a small slice goes a long way! 1 dish of it feeds our family of 4 and then leftovers for DH & I for lunch the next day! (it's so good leftover)!