Dead Deal Dollar General:Eye glass repair kits at Dollar General!



I dropped into our DG the other day. While looking for something else I found one of those eye glass repair kits! I have been looking for one of these for three years!! When I commented to the cashier that I had been looking everywhere for one of those, the manager (who was standing there watching as I used my coupons) said they just started carrying these again. I was so happy to find this! I have to wear the reading glasses like you buy at drugstores etc. I can not read the printed word of any kind without these. However if you have ever worn these things you know you can not wear them all the time. They magnify and if you try to wear them while walking or doing anything besides reading, you look like a drunk walking! I am forever dropping my reading glasses from the top of my head or from hanging on my shirts. I keep breaking them or losing the screws from dropping them. I tried a chain around my neck and they kept getting in the way as I am working. or getting dirty from working or eating. and I have to keep them on me or I can not see any detail at all. If I don't keep them on me I keep losing them. I went to town a couple of weeks ago without them and had to get a pair off the rack to wear until I checked out- I then left them on the counter. THAT was attractive, walking around with that big card hanger thingy sticking off my face!! Any way... I was so pleased to find these. DG does not double but they have some decent sales which makes good buys even without doubling. I think I am going to keep better track of the dollar stores. (Family Dollar too) oh well its late and I am rambling.
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