Does anyone like tea?


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Does anyone like tea?
I like tea.I'm interested in tea from all over the world,especially loose leaf tea.Hope to be tea friends.


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I love tea, @Cindycathr ! I also love to coupon and paint rocks. Not too fond of iced tea, but love my hot cup of tea. Truly love Earl Grey, but am trying to back off the caffeine a bit, Since I am not working and at home, I tend to have several cups a day, now. :p

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I'm a big tea fan, as well. I usually prefer green, mint or hibiscus teas, but occasionally drink flavored black teas, red tea and other herbal teas, as well.

I drink a lot of hot tea, but I love iced tea and keep it cold -- even in winter -- as long as it is unsweetened. Guess I'm a Northerner and just not fond of the sweet tea Southerners and Canadians love so much.


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Here's another tea lover. I drink mostly organic tea...some because they are "healthy" like green tea and some just for the pleasure of flavors, such as today's choices, Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut and Mango Passionfruit.
Many years ago I corresponded with a family man living in Singapore and we traded items of all kinds. He had access to a very special loose tea from an estate there and sent me a large box which we thoroughly enjoyed. We lost track of each other, but many years later before I sailed out of Singapore to the islands of Indonesia (including the primitive Nias Island off Sumatra) a couple girls I knew helped try to find him, but no luck. More years later I was invited to Singapore by one of the builders of Sentosa island...had a wonderful time and lots of special tea. One I remember ... Chrysanthemum tea with the flowers in it was totally new to me and so good!
What are some of your favorite loose teas?


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I've gotten lazy the past few years. I used to drink loose tea on occasion, but lately its just been easier to buy tea bags rather than send away for specialty loose ones.

I absolutely LOVE green tea and lemon/citrus tea and don't really care whether the teas have caffeine or not. I honestly didn't think I'd ever find one with those flavors that I did not like. However, there is a first time for everything ... :rolleyes:

I found Good Earth Citrus Kiss Decaffeinated Tea on a discount table a while back and figured I'd love the stuff -- green tea and citrus, what wasn't to like?

I don't have a problem with stevia sweetened things like yogurt or soda, so I guess I just took it for granted this tea would be okay when I saw that as an ingredient.

However, for the first time in my life I actually found a tea that I COULD NOT drink! :p

I mentioned I'm not a big fan of sweetened iced green tea, but even that I can drink if I can't find anything else when I'm out of cold tea in the cooler when traveling. Convenience stores are often limited, but if I must buy bottled iced tea I'll choose something like a citrus black tea and still drink it -- even when I can't find unsweetened.

However, after the first pitcher of Citrus Kiss, I told myself I didn't want to waste tea and needed to drink it. Figured it would eventually grow on me if I kept going, but to my tastes it was just like drinking a mouthful of bubble gum! :(

After about three or four pitchers I gave up. I was so sure I'd like it, that I'd purchased two boxes, but I couldn't even get through the first one.

The other day, a store had several boxes of tea on markdown in a cart with odds and ends like coffee K-cups. What did I find? More Citrus Kiss, but at least I knew to pass on that one this time around.

If anyone happens to like the stuff and is having trouble finding it, just let me know ... :D