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I tried a recipe this week using stockpile was so delicious!!!

Even if you don't have these items stockpiled, these ingredients are super cheap. This is cheap, healthy, easy meal. Perfect!

In a crockpot, I dumped:
4 cups of dried great northern beans
chopped onion
chopped garlic
salt and pepper and spices
2 cups of chopped up ham
chopped potato (optional)
cover with water to the top

Cook on low for 8 hours.

I did not soak the beans ahead of time. Frankly because I forgot! But I did a little research, and I think you don't need to, but it cuts down on gassiness. I take a Beano when I eat it, so I am not sure. The one night I ate it and forgot the Beano, I didn't get a lot of gas though....

But if you do choose to soak, it is easy - sort the beans to get rid of stones, half beans, bad looking beans...and cover with water for 8 hours (overnight is convenient). Dump in a strainer. Pour the beans in the crockpot.

For spices, I used oregano, basil, paprika, onion powder...because I have a lot of those spices right now. You could add whatever spices you like or have. I am try curry next time.

This meal is so customizable. I threw in potatoes because I have a ton of them right now. You could toss in whatever veggies you have on hand. I am thinking of adding tomato soup instead of some of the water next time, because I have a lot of that.

I used 4 small onions, but you should add as many as you may like. Same with the garlic. Or leave it out if it isn't your preference.

I am trying to freeze some portions now. I will let you know how that turns out.

I served over rice. Delicious.


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Oooh, sounds yummy. I love beans but they do make me gassy. :sad3:

If I soak them overnight does that help out with that issue?? Maybe I need to get some beano so I can enjoy this recipe.....:whistle67:


I make beans and ham all the time. We use a leftover ham bone. Don't need to chop it up. It will be able to be pulled apart with a fork half way thru. The bone and marrow give it a velvety yummyness. We only use beans, ham, salt pepper and a little bit of liquid smoke. Here...

Ham bone with left over meat on it. (if it was glazed you might want to rinse it off)
Dry Great Northern beans
salt, pepper
1tbs liquid smoke.

Put the ham in first. Then put a bag of beans ontop/around it. Cover with water. Season to taste about 1/2 way thru. Cook on high 6-10 hours. You may need to a water from time to time when it gets dry. This is an all day cooking thing. We eat it with cornbread,