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Any post that encourages or describes improper methods of coupon use will be deleted, such as:

Modifying a coupon

  • Doing anything to modify the way the manufacturer intended it to read.
  • Removing the expiration date, modifying the bar code or the $ value.
  • Altering code in the manufacturer's printing software.
  • Scanning or Copying coupons.
  • Copying or saving a coupon with the intent to alter it.
Misuse of the written intent of the coupon: ( Sometimes referred to as decoding )
  • Using a coupon for other than what is written on the coupon.
  • Using the coupon for another product that is not listed on the coupon.
  • Purchasing a different size than what is listed on the coupon.
  • Purchasing a different quantity than what is listed on the coupon.
  • Purchasing less than the specified minimum dollar amount required when using a coupon for $X off a purchase of $Y or more.
  • Using a coupon on a higher $ item than what the coupon states is maximum $ amount allowed
  • Using the coupon after it has expired (unless your store policy accepts them).
Using more than one manufacturer coupon on 1 product
  • You may only use one manufacturer coupon per item purchased, unless the coupon indicates that more than one item must be purchased. For example, $1.00/2 Campbell's chicken noodle soup requires one coupon for every 2 cans of soup.
  • If a coupon states: "One per customer", "One per transaction", One per household" or something similar. Please abide by that restriction on use.
  • The only way to use 2 coupons on one item is if you are using a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon, and your store allows that practice.
Identified Counterfeits, Fakes, Copies or Coupons Obtained by Fraudulent Means, Etc.
  • Individuals & internet sites attempting to redeem, transmit, auction, post, reproduce, transfer, barter, or sell counterfeit coupons may be subject to criminal prosecution &/or civil action.
  • Posting about such coupons is not allowed at HCW and could result in you being banned from this site.
Printing more than the allotted number of coupons
  • Discussions regarding setting your computer or printer to override the coupon tracking software or how to print more copies than the manufacturer intended is not allowed at HCW.
  • Scanning, saving coupons to file that are not intended to be saved to file, or copying coupons are against most manufacturers written words on their coupons, and they could possibly be traced back to you.
  • If you wish to obtain multiples of an Internet printed coupon: Trade for them in our trading forum, go to the library, or perhaps computers at work or ask friends and family to print for you.
  • The discussion of using Proxy Servers to get around the Print limit is not allowed at HCW.
Remember! Coupon fraud hurts everyone. The stores may not get reimbursed for illegal use of coupons. The more fraudulent coupon use that goes on, the more restrictions the manufacturers and stores impose on couponers.
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