Other Awesome App Coin Out App - As Seen on Shark Tank! Earn Money Effortlessly!


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This app is awesome...Take any receipt from any retailer and press "SCAN" on the app to take a picture of it. As long as the receipt is not more than 2 week old and shows the name of the store, date of purchase and the item purchased, you will receive coins for it that you can later cash out through a gift card, paypal or your bank. Coins are generated at random and not based on the amount you spent. This works will all receipts, even restaurants!

CLICK HERE and enter your phone number to download the app. This link contains my affiliate link, I would appreciate if you use it as I volunteer as a SuperMod on HCW, and it helps me earn a little for all my work. ;)

The payouts are small, but if you set aside time to do the simple task of "scanning" your receipts, eventually the coins will add up.

The following receipts do not receive cash back:
  • Any receipt that has already been uploaded
  • ATM Receipts
  • Lotto Tickets
  • Credit Card Slips
  • Money Orders
  • Pictures of just barcodes or QR codes
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