Career Detour? 3 Simple Things You Can Do to Get Back on Track

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    Does the current state of the economy have you counting your change to make ends meet?
    Are you working a job you know you’re overqualified for just to have some income?
    Do you have a degree from a major university, yet you still find yourself struggling to pay your student loans?

    This is the case for many Americans today. After being sold the dream of going to college, getting a great job, and living in your dream home, they have found themselves overqualified, underpaid, and living with loved ones. I recently spoke with someone who said he doesn’t put his full qualifications on his resume because he knows employers don’t want to pay for experience anymore. They know they can find younger cheaper talent. So what are these professionals to do? Accept less than they are worth or seek an alternate path. Most are accepting a lower wage which creates financial stress in the home. Besides the stress on a marriage this can have, families are also cutting back on their dreams and becoming workaholics just to put food on the table.
    Many Americans are making major career detours and are going back to school to get further in debt with new hopes that their expensive education will help them find better paying work. The front page of the Tribune a few weeks ago headlined a woman who went back to a 2 yr trade school program to become a HVAC technician after she couldn’t find a job with her degree from a major university. Another interesting fact is while the unemployment numbers appear to be improving, they are actually getting worse since unemployment only counts the people they are paying benefits to. So, if your benefits expire you are no longer counted as unemployed, even if you have not found a job. Scary, huh?:scared2:
    The other problem is that when people are out of work for extended periods of time they begin to lose hope and lack the confidence to be successful in their specific industry. Living Money Smart believes it is vitally important to never lose hope! The one thing we strive to help people with is keeping the hope alive!
    If you can do these 3 simple things, you will soon find your way back on the fast track.

    1. Stay in a positive personal development book: Few things are more powerful than self-education. Often we can get depressed during these times, so reading a good book can help keep your mind focused on the right things, which is extremely important during a career detour.
    2. Surround yourself with positive successful people: Einstein once said we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used to create them. Positive successful people think differently on their approach to life. Hanging around more people like this will greatly improve your morale because you are not being dragged down by the negativity and failures of others, instead you remain focused on positivity and success.
    3. Attend meetings or events where you get the opportunity to meet with others and share your abilities: Networking events are great places for you to meet with other positive and successful people. It has been said that your net-WORTH is directly related to the size of your net-WORK. So get out there, meet more people, and increase your chances for the success you desire.

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