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This template is meant to give you an idea on presenting your RAOK. Of course, you can just copy and paste it into a new thread. Then, replace all the "+" symbols in the document, and delete this statement. But, you can also make it your own in whatever creative way you can imagine.
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There are 5 questions listed below. The first person to answer them correctly, and in order will win +. This RAOK is in honor of +, who died of + and whose birthday is this month. I will also donate $2.50 in the winner's name to @Linda_in_FL for ACS.

Here are the questions:

1.) What is the borough in which I was born?

2.) Name the borough where my brother attended college?

3.) What borough did I work in after I graduated college?

4.) What borough did my parents move to when I was 9 mos old?

5.) Can you name the borough where my husband was born?

Please leave + guesses between your posts.

Hints will be given at a later time if it takes a while for someone to answer correctly.

Best wishes, and let the guessing begin. ;)
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