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    Campbell's Labels for Education - Clip. Earn. Help them learn!

    Participating Products

    How to earn bonus points:
    Labels for Americaâ„¢
    Encourage volunteerism in your community and you could earn up to 2,000 bonus points!

    Local Store Promotions
    Find stores near you that have special Labels for Educationâ„¢ offers.

    Other ways to earn

    Coordinator Corner
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    Products Worth 5 Points
    Campbell’s Soups (microwavable bowls)
    Campbell’s Condensed 10 to 11 oz. Soups
    (Specially marked packages only)
    Campbell’s Chunky Soups (microwavable bowls)
    Campbell’s Chunky Chili (microwavable bowls)
    All Campbell’s Soup At Hand
    SpaghettiO’s Original Pasta (15 oz.)
    SpaghettiO’s Meatball Pasta (14.75 oz.)
    SpaghettiO’s Princess Meatball Pasta (14.75 oz.)
    (Specially Marked Packages Only)
    All Campbell’s Supper Bakes Meal Kits
    All Campbell’s Select Harvest Soups
    All V8 Splash Juice Drinks
    All V8 Splash Smoothies
    All V8 Soups

    Products Worth 1 Point
    Campbell’s Beans Products
    Campbell’s Condensed 10 oz. Soups
    Campbell’s Condensed 26 oz. Soups
    Campbell’s Low Sodium Soups
    Campbell’s Fat Free Soups
    Campbell’s Kitchen Classic Soups
    Campbell’s Tomato Juices
    Campbell’s Gravies
    Campbell’s Soup & Recipe Mix
    Campbell’s Chunky Soups
    Campbell’s Chunky Chili
    Campbell’s Chunky Fully Loaded Soups
    Campbell’s Healthy Request Soups
    Franco-American Gravies
    Pepperidge Farm Soups
    Pepperidge Farm Breads, Croutons, Rolls & Stuffing
    Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, Cookies,
    & Snack Mixes
    Pepperidge Farm Frozen Garlic Breads, Cakes,
    Turnovers, Dumplings and Puff Pastry
    Swanson Broth (can and carton)
    Swanson Canned Chicken
    Swanson Cooking Stock (carton)
    Selected products (tub/carton)
    Prego Italian Sauces
    SpaghettiO’s Original Pasta (7.5 oz., 26 oz.)
    SpaghettiO’s Meatball Pasta (7.5 oz., 26.25 oz.)
    All V8 100% Vegetable Juice
    All V8 V-Fusion 100% Juice
    Campbell’s Tomato Juice (11.5 oz./24 cans/case)
    Campbell’s Tomato Juice (5.5 oz./48 cans/case)
    Campbell’s Chef’s Kettle Soups (50 oz.)
    Campbell’s Foodservice Soups (50 oz.)
    Campbell’s Low Sodium Soups (50 oz.)
    Campbell’s Healthy Request Soups (50 oz.)
    All Pepperidge Farm Products
    V8, V8 Splash, V8 V-Fusion
    Prego Foodservice
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    There's been a lot of products added to the participating list since the post above!!! In fact, another CLFE coordinator just emailed me a 41-page Excel file that lists out all the eligible products and their UPC codes for 2011-2012. If anyone wants a copy of the excel file, pm me with your email address and I'll forward it to you - hopefully I'll be able to get ahold of the 2012-2013 list within the next few months!

    New adds include:

    Bic writing products (pens, pencils, hilighters, markers)

    Wolfgang Puck products (broths, sauces, soups)

    Dannon kid's yogurt (Danonino drinks and Danimals Crush Cup, Coolision, and smoothies)

    Pace salsa

    Post cereals (including Honey Bunches of Oats, Alpha-Bits, Grape-Nuts, Grape-Nut Flakes, Honey-Comb, Raisin Bran, Post Selects, Golden Crisps, Great Grains, Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles, Shredded Wheat and Cocoa Pebbles Treat and fruity Pebbles treats)

    Emerald trail Mix, Breakfast to Go, and select nuts

    Glad Plastic Wraps, sandwich bags, food storage bags, freezer bags, plastic containers,

    Pop Secret microwave popcorn

    And magazines: ALL YOU, People, Time, Southern Living, Health, Real Simple, Cooking Light (note that magazines must be purchased in-store. subscription copies do not have the UPC!)
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    So sad to see this will be ending in August this year!

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