Black Bean Brownies (2 WW Points each!)


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I made a pan of these on Sunday. They are all gone already. Did not tell the kids what was in the for fear they will not eat them.
I used a low fat Betty Crocker mix and they were great. Will make them again.


I tried them today. I think I did something wrong. The batter was extremely runny. I made them in a 12 x 9 pan; they did not rise up at all.


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I made a black bean chocolate torte recently (called it a torte because I made it in a springform pan and it was about an inch high) that was delicious. Here's the recipe I tweaked. I beat the whites separately until stiff peaks formed and then folded everything else into the whites. I only used 2T oil and then added 2T unsweetened applesauce. (Next time, I will use all applesauce) Also, I added a handful of mini choc chips (to help disguise bean skins). In the springform pan, it took 40 min to bake. In my MOMS Club, we like to experiment with recipes with "hidden" ingredients. :giggle:


I made these black bean brownies tonight. I used a regular Pillsbury brownie mix with an entire can of black beans (undrained). I just puree'd the beans and mixed it all with the mixer for a little bit. The brownies are firm and arose quite nicely.

I'll make this secret recipe again :) shhhhh

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I have made these before and LOVE them- even my kids do!


This would be great for DS, who thinks that he doesn't like beans--especially black beans. It will be my new little secret for his "double chocolate" brownies!


I have made these before, and they are good. DH and 12 year old DS liked them as well. The only suggestion I have on them is to make sure get the beans pureed well, or you might get a little taste of bean skins.


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I made these today with the family size mix in the 9x13 pan. they were great but did not rise. next time will try them in 8x8 pan instead.

the kids inhaled did I!


I made these this aft. and am thrilled with the results. They are very good. Fudgy more than cake like which is what I like.
My kids are all conscious of fat content now and are all coming home for the weekend. I won't tell them till they taste, but I am betting they won't notice a difference
Thanks so much OP. I repped you!!!


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I've never taken the time, to really checkout any of these recipes firsthand. Perhaps I thought this one would not be to my liking. Who woulda thought to mix brownies and black beans???
Now that I've had time to spend reading and surfing today, I think I will have to try this one out.


TY! These were surprisingly good. Will be making these again!


These brownies are YUMMY! I would have never thought these would be so good.

Thanks for sharing this recipe!


what id=f you used dried beans? I get wic and am drowning in beans


I'm no MrsPineCone but I would assume that would be fine as long as they were cooked and you used about 15 oz.


I would say probably about 1 1/2 cups of cooked dry beans + 1/2 cup of water to puree. Roughly.


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These sound ummmmm..... interesting.

I'm going to have 4 teenagers here tomorrow hanging out - I think I'll make a batch and use the kids as my guinea pigs..... lol


1 box brownie mix
1 can (15 oz) black beans

Open the can of black beans, rinse well. With beans back in the can, add enough water to cover beans. Put in blender or food processor and puree. Add puree to brownie mix, and then bake according to package directions.

You DO NOT add the eggs or oil that the recipe calls for, JUST the black bean puree!

Makes 20 brownies-- 2 Weight Watcher Points each!

These are pretty rich and fudgy, and DH couldn't tell that they weren't "regular" brownies. They have lots of protein and fiber, too.

This sounds so good! I have some kitchen ignoramus questions, which I would appreciate if someone could help answer.

When you rinse the black beans, how exactly do you do that? Do you put them in a mesh strainer, rinse in kitchen sink, and then let them drip drain for a while? Do you have to also let them drain and dry on a paper towel, before you add water, puree it, and put with brownie mix? And I assume that's to get rid of the saltiness, right?

If you don't use packaged brownie mix, but make it from scratch, does this recipe still work? Do you just sub in the black bean puree for any eggs or oil in the recipe?

Thanks in advance if anyone can help answer.