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    As we all know that, Anti-virus software is a program or set of programs that are designed to prevent, search for, detect, and remove software viruses, and other malicious software like worms, trojans, adware etc.

    We use this to perform:
    Scan specific files or directories for any malware or known malicious patterns
    Allow you to schedule scans to automatically run for you
    Allow you to initiate a scan of a specific file or of your computer, or of a CD or flash drive at any time.
    Remove any malicious code detected –sometimes you will be notified of an infection and asked if you want to clean the file, other programs will automatically do this behind the scenes.
    So, for the proper heath of my computer/Laptop it is necesssary to have protection. But I am really little bit confused between Free and Paid system, as we know while free antivirus programs give you some value, they don't have everything that a paid security application can offer.

    So I need some suggestions regarding: Does discount coupon worth the subscription?
    Actually, I got two offer for for a discount on antiviruses - and But I’m not sure actually wheather I would get the full features or not.


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