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It's Back to School Bingo!!


Here is how we will play:

I will post a list of 15 words associated with going back to school. You will select 5 of these words from that list and send it to me via PM. Make sure you keep a copy for yourself!


I will call 2 words a day for the first 5 days until we hit 10 words called. After that I will call one word a day. So the first 5 days of the game, I will be calling 2 words, after that it will just be one word a day.


The only "rule" so to speak is that you must be willing to send a 25 coupon potluck and either $1cc or 2 stamps (50 cents or forever) to the winner at the end. The potluck must follow the normal guidelines of a potluck. Questions about what a potluck is, go here. This bingo is open to all trading members with at least a feedback score of 5. Please make sure you can commit to the bingo before you sign up. The bingo can last up to 10 days. Also, if you have to quit the bingo game for any reason, you are still responsible for sending the winner an envie. Failure to send out your envie can result in a bad trade.


I also recommend that you get a wishlist together in case you are the winner.
If you need help with a wishlist, please let me know and I will help you.

There is lots of fun to be had by all. So come on an play!!!


Signups will be taken till +. The game will begin + after sign ups are over. So the first two words will be called +.

The Winner!

The Winner will be the first person who has all 5 of their words called that they picked and turned into me and they announce BINGO in thread and then PMs me. I will check the words and declare the winner in thread! So if more than one person has bingo, the winner will be the first one that posted bingo in the thread and all their words are confirmed that they have been called.


The prize will be a 25 coupon potluck (expiring 2 weeks plus from mailing) and either $1cc or 2 stamps (50 cents or forever) from each player. If you want to send extras, that is fine. Please make sure you understand what a potluck is. Please read here to learn more about potlucks. Members should always try to match up what they can from a person's wishlist. Remember, you may not get a single match up on your wishlist with a potluck. Watch your expiration dates and no "junk coupons".
If you have any questions about a potluck, please ask me!!!


So if this sounds like something you are interested in playing

  • Please post here in the forum.
  • Please PM the five words you have chosen and be sure to keep a copy for yourself.
  • Please send me your addy.
  • Please ask if you have any questions.

Word List:

1. School
2. Recess
3. Books
4. Pencils
5. Pens
6. Notebooks
7. Math
8. Reading
9. Spelling
10. School bus
11. Lunch time
12. Test
13. Crayons
14. Glue
15. Markers


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