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Most of us "Hotties" use the rebate app giant to scan our receipts after we have "purchased an offer." But, did you know that you can "redeem as many eligible offers as you want on an individual receipt." Unfortunately, many uninformed bloggers tell you to purchase all the items separately...totally unnecessary! ;)

Here are some more useful tips to make sure you get the most out of the Ibotta App:

1. Cash back with "In App Purchases." This is so simple, just find the cash-back offer that interests you, and click through to the store's website to make your purchase. Each retailer has a different "pending period," so if you want to know when to expect your cash back in your account, be sure to check the offer's details which list the "pending period."

2. Link all those loyalty cards! Ibotta has long list of "preferred partners." Distinguishing who they are is quite easy, just tap "Find Offers," tap "Grocery," and tap "All" at the top. Then, scroll through the list to find your favorites. While in the retailer gallery, look at the Navigation Bar; if you see "Use Card" and an image of a card on the Redeem button (OR you are prompted to link your loyalty card), that retailer is a Preferred Retailer.

Please Remember: To redeem offers with a "Preferred Partner" you must add ALL of your offers BEFORE shopping, and you must scan the loyalty card you linked to your Ibotta account at the time of checkout. Check your app before entering the check out line to make sure you're all set!

3. Check the App for Special Offers. On occasion Ibotta lists special offers in the app that you can't find elsewhere. I have seen discounted Sam's Club memberships, for example.

4. Never Forget to Check Out Current Bonus Offers. Often Ibotta has bonus offers! The kind I particularly enjoy are the ones where "the more you purchase during a specific time period the bigger the bonus payout you earn." It has been my experience that there are even more bonus offers around holidays.

5. Join Your Friends in an Ibotta Team. Just connect on Facebook, all your Facebook friends who have connected their Facebook page to Ibotta will become your teammates. Then you can participate in "team bonus offers." There are also many Facebook pages dedicated to teaming up with strangers...I have! And @NoHio even started a thread here on HCW dedicated to finding teammates: HERE.

6. If you are a deal blogger or have your own website, not only does HCW want to hear from you, but you can apply to become an Ibotta is pretty much the referral plan on steroids. CLICK HERE to apply.

Have an Ibotta tip not listed here? Tell us by posting to this thread. :D

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