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    :wave88: We are currently searching for a moderator for our Target forum.

    Moderator’s responsibilities for our Target forum include the following duties:

    • Making sure the deals are posted every week
    • Keeping the forum organized and clean by editing titles, thread prefixes, post icons, merging, or moving posts and threads, as necessary to the forum easier to navigate.
    • Posting and/or maintaining relevant FAQ's, and store policies.
    • Watching the threads and posts for unethical use of coupons or other violations of our Terms of Service, and issuing warnings or infractions as necessary.
    • Acting as a liason between the members and the store. If a question is asked that needs an answer, a moderator will attempt to contact corporate to find out the answer.
    • Taking care of reported posts, as they are reported by members.
    • Watching for spammers and banning them via the infraction system when they appear.
    • And most importantly, being available to help our members with questions and help provide them with the information they are looking for.
    Requirements for applying for the position of Target Mod are as follows:

    • You must be a registered member of Hot Coupon World for a minimum of 2 months
    • You must be an active poster in the Target forum.
    • You must be willing to fill out the Hot Coupon World moderator agreement.
    If you have any questions about the position please PM cheynesnana or if you are ready to apply for the postion, please fill out our Moderator Application.

    While we are searching for a moderator, I would like to ask for all our Target Forum members to continue helping to keep the forum running smoothly by posting any deals that you find and by hitting the report button whenever there's a post that needs a moderator's attention and the super mods/admin will take care of it.

    (And be sure to check out here to see what other forums are in need of a moderator)


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