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Apple Train

One Time Mailer


How It Works:

You will mail out ONE envie to a rider and ONE rider will mail to you. We will mail out one time on +.

In your envie there will be a minimum of 25 quality coupons.

Extra coupons are fine, just watch your postage. Each of your coupons must have an expiration date of at least 2 weeks from the mail date. For example if you mail out + no coupons part of the 25 coupon minimum will expire before +.


Train rules:
*By signing up for this train, you agree to all the rules of this train!*
  • You may ride up to 5 trains at a time, so if you are already on 5, hope to catch you next time!
  • You must be a Trader on HCW.
  • You must post when you mail and when you receive.
  • This train is potluck which means you may not get 25 coupons from your wish list in each envie, however ~ you should use your matchup's wish list as a starting point and then add potluck after you have matched the best you could to their list, this way, people get more of what they need.
  • Of course the forum rules apply to all trains conducted on HCW, so please be sure you know the rules before you sign up.
  • Feedback is never required, but is always appreciated.

Rules/guidelines for envies:
25 coupons minimum. Extras are great, Please remember to check your postage. Some coupons are heavier than others. All coupons must have at least 2 weeks until exp from mail date unless they are extras

No baby, pet, meds, or oddball products that very few members use like depends unless you have an exact wish list match. Example: If someone says they can use cat food frees, do not include regular cat food, unless it is an extra.
  • Limit of ONE of each coupon unless it is an exact match to a wish list. If you have an exact wish list match, then duplicates are encouraged!!!
  • You must write the train name and your user name somewhere on the envie.
  • Some other things that you can include IF your buddy says they can use them: Printables, store specific, BTFE, Pampers Points, Coke codes, Pepsi codes, MIR and TMF forms (check the state restrictions), stickers, other items that your matchup collects.
  • If you happen to mail out late for any reason, please PM me and post to the thread so that your buddy knows to watch for the envie. Life happens and it's okay, communication is very helpful in the event of a late mail.

If for any reason, any of your envies are not received, you will be asked to re-mail at the 2 week point. Joining this train is your agreement to this rule. Any envie that is not reported as not received by the two week point will be marked received.

To Join:
Post to the thread to reserve your seat and then please PM me with your mailing address and wishlist link.

I will send out one address list after I have them all, and we can get started!

Matchups: Mail Day is + (early is okay!):

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